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  • Caution With Relationships Of Short Duration

    November 2023

    Caution With Relationships Of Short Duration The Property (Relationships) Act 1976 (PRA) outlines how relationship property should be divided when a couple separates. The PRA establishes the ‘equal sharing principle’ which means that, as a starting point, the couple’s property is to ...

  • Dangerous Driving

    November 2023

    Dangerous Driving A clarification on the law Dangerous driving is an offence against the Land Transport Act falling between the lower level offence of careless driving and the more serious charge of reckless driving. It is punishable on conviction by a maximum penalty ...

  • Consultation And Consideration Of Redeployment In Redundancy Situations

    November 2023

    CONSULTATION & CONSIDERATION OF REDEPLOYMENT IN REDUNDANCY SITUATIONS A recent decision of the Employment Court has emphasised the importance of employers adhering to the requirement to consult in good faith with employees and of considering redeployment in redundancy situations. In the case, ...

  • The Need For EPOAs

    November 2023

    THE NEED FOR ENDURING POWERS OF ATTORNEY Taking practical steps before your health may seriously deteriorate Everyone should have a Will. A Will effectively speaks from the moment of death. However, what if your health deteriorates but you are still alive? Medical science can ...

  • The Times They Are A-Changin’*

    November 2023

    As summer is arriving and we look back over the past year, the challenges have changed but not diminished from previous years. Covid-19 has receded, and lockdowns are a thing of the past. The cost of living has come to the fore ...

  • Natural Hazards – What To Consider When Purchasing

    September 2023

    A house is often a homeowner’s most valuable asset, so it is important to protect your home against loss or damage caused by natural disasters. It is timely to consider such hazards given the devastating flooding events which occurred over Auckland ...

  • Retirement Villages and Occupation Rights Agreements

    September 2023

    Buying an Occupation Right Agreement (“ORA”) in a retirement village is a major decision. It can feel overwhelming to go through all the paperwork that retirement villages are required to provide. Here is a summary of the important aspects of life ...

  • No reinstatement after post termination allegations

    September 2023

    The Employment Court has upheld a preliminary Employment Relations Authority determination declining an application for interim reinstatement. The Employer had terminated VMZ’s employment after he refused vaccination against Covid-19. The Court found that there were significant barriers to permanent reinstatement. Someone had ...

  • Vacant Possession

    September 2023

    The importance of complying with the agreed terms of an Agreement for Sale and Purchase of Real Estate Clause 3.1 of the Agreement for Sale and Purchase (11th edition) provides: “Unless particulars of a tenancy are included in this agreement, the property ...


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