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  • The Independent Contractor Vs Employee Distinction

    March 2022

    The distinction between a person being engaged as an independent contractor and an employee regularly arises in the Employment Court and the Employment Relations Authority.  In particular, there can be significant advantages in being regarded as an employee.  For example, an employee has ...

  • Tenants in common - when only one wants to sell

    March 2022

    Property sharing agreements are becoming more prevalent as individuals seek certainty of outcomes, where unforeseen circumstances intervene after property purchases. The form of property ownership known as ‘tenancy in common’ is becoming more popular due to this. This form of ownership ...

  • Undue Influence

    March 2022

    There has been a recent High Court decision relating to a claim of undue influence in the making of a Will. The caseMr & Mrs G had three children (F, E and A). In their 1981 Wills they had left their estates equally to F, E and A. ...

  • Requirements For Contracting Out Agreements

    March 2022

    In a recent Court of Appeal case Mr W sought to set aside a Contracting Out Agreement as: The legal advice provided to him by his lawyer was deficient; and He did not receive independent legal advice.  Mr W, a chemical engineer, and Doctor W, a Veterinarian, ...

  • Our New Partner

    March 2022

    We are pleased to announce that as of 1 March 2022 Rajiv Rao has become a Partner of Inder Lynch.Rajiv was born in Fiji. He has lived in New Zealand since he was 2 years of age. He attended at Mount Roskill Grammar School. He ...

  • Inder Lynch Achievement Awards

    March 2022

    In 2006, to celebrate our 60th anniversary, we instituted the Inder Lynch Achievement Awards for students attending the five secondary schools in the Manurewa/Papakura area. In the intervening 15 years the awards have been extended to cover two secondary schools in ...

  • Business Partnerships Having Documentation Is Prudent.

    December 2021

    A written business Partnership Agreement is always prudent to avoid misunderstandings or worse.A recent High Court case related to a dispute regarding the purchase and beneficial ownership of a 35-acre rural property, purchased in 2011 for $450,000. In particular, the dispute ...

  • Sick Leave – The Basics

    December 2021

    The Holidays Act 2003 (“the Act”) provides all employees who meet the relevant criteria with a minimum entitlement to paid sick leave.  The sick leave entitlements set out in the Act will apply even if there is a less favourable (or no) ...


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