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  • Landlord Ordered To Renew Lease

    December 2018

    Commercial landlords and tenants should be conscious of the Court’s wide powers under the Property Law Act 2007 in ordering a renewal of a lease in circumstances where the Court thinks fit to create justice.BackgroundThe recent High Court case of Wendco ...

  • Ashes to Ashes

    December 2018

    De facto relationships and claims after deathThis article follows the article entitled “De facto relationships or friends with benefits?” by Anesha Dhanji in our Spring 2018 Law Report. It represents another case where there was a difference of opinion as to whether ...

  • Elder Abuse

    December 2018

    In past years there have been some shocking cases (Quinn, Heppell, Taylor) of caregiver abuse and neglect by family members which led to jail sentences.Recent examplesA recent Court case of elder abuse is a reminder for those appointed in Enduring Powers ...

  • Cross-Leases. What are they and what implications do they have?

    September 2018

    Historically, cross-leases were a popular form of dividing land for land owners. This is because owners could avoid certain subdivision restrictions and would gain similar results to a formal subdivision under the existing Act, but at a fraction of the price. ...

  • De-Facto relationships or "Friends with Benefits"?

    September 2018

    Whenever I ask clients when their de-facto relationship commenced, the response is often along the lines of “well we’ve been together for about four years, but we’ve only been living together for just over a year”. I often advise my clients ...

  • Back To Basics – What To Look Out For In Your Back-Up Agreement

    September 2018

    What is a Back-up Agreement?When a property is being sold and there is a fully signed Agreement for Sale and Purchase already in place that remains conditional, a back-up Agreement can be entered into with a different purchaser. The back-up Agreement ...

  • Purchaser Due Diligence. Caveat Emptor – Buyer Beware!

    September 2018

    A recent High Court case reiterates how vital it is to be thorough in a due diligence investigation and in making the right enquiries prior to committing yourself to any purchase.BackgroundThe Purchaser had entered into an Agreement for the purchase of ...

  • Land Covenants

    September 2018

    When purchasing a property, the Agreement for Sale and Purchase will usually specify that you can make enquiries with the vendor’s solicitor in relation to any of the interests that may be noted on the title. A land covenant is an ...

  • New Rules Regarding Disposal of Residential Property

    June 2018

    “Bright-Line Test Extended to 5 Years”In the Autumn Edition of our Law Report, Toni van Doorn in her article titled “The Bright-Line test – A warning for property investors” warned that the new government is considering a Tax Bill to extend ...

  • Can I Be Banned From Hiring Staff?

    June 2018

    Yes, you can. But we will return to that later. Employment Agreements generally allow for Employees to resign at any point during their employment given that they provide the requisite period of notice provided for in the Employment Agreement. Generally, Employees ...


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