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  • What Is A Calderbank Offer?

    September 2020

     A Calderbank offer, otherwise known as a “Without Prejudice Save as to Costs” offer, is a tactic that can be used to settle a dispute for a lower amount and avoid going to a court trial.  This tactic is named after a ...

  • Commercial Leases

    September 2020

    Seeking to update the terms by way of variationArrangements regarding leases have been a hot topic with the recent business disruptions due to COVID19 and have highlighted that not every Deed of Lease is the same.   A Deed of Lease can be ...

  • Business Sales

    September 2020

    Due Diligence and Restraints of Trade If you are considering selling your business, there are a number of key things you need to think about to avoid post sale problems. Two, in particular, are the due diligence process and any restraint of ...

  • Two’s Company, Three’s A...?

    September 2020

    What qualifies as a relationship? A case recently decided by the High Court under the Property (Relationships) Act 1976 (“the Act”) was one where the Judge had to make the decision as to whether the Court has jurisdiction to determine relationship property ...

  • Beneficiaries’ Rights To Information Under The Trusts Act 2019

    September 2020

    This is the second article on the new Trusts Act 2019 with the first article having appeared in the Winter edition of this newsletter. The Trusts Act 2019 (“the Act”) sets out various provisions relating to the disclosure of information to beneficiaries.  The ...

  • Purchasing A Unit Title Property Or Apartment

    September 2020

    Anyone who has had any experience with an Agreement for Sale and Purchase of Real Estate will have noticed the different ways that property can be owned in New Zealand. The most common ways of owning property include freehold, cross lease ...

  • Land Covenants

    September 2020

    What to be aware of  Land covenants are registered on the Title to a property by way of an instrument. They create rights and impose obligations on the owner of the property, and in many cases on the owners of the surrounding ...

  • There’s An Easement On My Title!

    September 2020

    When buying a property, one of the things you need to know is whether there are any easements that may affect the title to the property. So, what is an easement?An easement is a legal right created by an instrument registered ...

  • Buying Your First Home

    September 2020

     Buying Your First Home The purchase of your first home can be an exciting chapter in your life. We understand that it can also be a stressful process given the amount of new information and to-do lists. Engaging our specialist property lawyers ...

  • The Risks With Bankruptcy

    June 2020

    The Risks With Bankruptcy It is always a difficult time when you find that you are earning 99c but regularly spending $1.00. If you cannot turn the position around, personal bankruptcy being declared against you looms as a real consequence. Filing for bankruptcy ...


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