Immigration Law


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Immigration Law determines who can come to New Zealand to visit, live, work, study or start a business and how long they can stay.

Our Immigration specialists can assist you with the following:

  • Lodging your initial applications for a visa (all categories)
  • Filing appeals to the Immigration and Protection Tribunal
  • Applying for Judicial Review to the High Court

Our Immigration lawyers have extensive experience in this area of law and have successfully helped many clients with their applications.

Visa Applications

We can help you with filing all visa applications including:

  • Limited visa applications
  • Visitor visa applications and renewals
  • Student visa applications and renewals
  • Work visa applications and renewals
  • Residence visa applications
  • Entrepreneur work visa
  • Changes to visas
  • Extensions to visas


If your visa application has been declined, we can assist by lodging your appeal or an application for a Special Direction.

We can also help if you are liable for deportation or are unlawfully in New Zealand.

Our Immigration Law Team