Header Wills

A Will is a written document that sets out how you wish your property and affairs to be dealt with after you die.

As an adult, no matter your age or circumstances, having a current Will is very important. It helps ensure everyone understands what you’d like done with your Estate (everything you own or owe at the date of your death) when you die.

If you do not have a Will the law sets out how your Estate is divided. It may not be divided as you wanted, or there may be other claims made – all of which may cause difficulties for your family.

It is important to update your Will every few years, and particularly when any significant events occur, such as a new baby, or the start or end a relationship.

Our experienced and knowledgeable team can assist in advising you and drafting your Will.

Our Will experts will meet with you, discuss your assets and liabilities, and ensure you are fully informed of your legal rights and responsibilities. We will then draft a Will for your approval and, once signed, hold it in our Deeds system (if you wish) for safe keeping.

We can assist with:

  • Drafting a new Will
  • Amending your existing Will
  • Preparing mirror or mutual Wills with your spouse or partner as appropriate
  • Discussing possible claims that could be made against your Estate, and how this may affect what is in your Will
  • Applications for validation of informal or non-compliant Will under the Wills Act 2007