Header Trusts

Trusts remain an important part of the legal landscape in New Zealand and are a useful tool to enable you to structure your affairs in a private, flexible and secure way.

Trusts and succession planning are important issues for many of our clients.

There are many aspects to this area of the law, from setting up a Trust, managing the Trust assets properly, ensuring valid Trustee decisions are made, and dealing with Trustee and beneficiary disputes if they arise.

If you need a Trust lawyer, our experienced and knowledgeable team can assist on all aspects of Trust work including:

  • Advising on and drafting your Trust Deed and associated documents
  • Administration of Trusts
  • Variations, re-settlements and interpretation of Trust Deeds
  • Duties of Trustees
  • Rights of beneficiaries
  • Advising on the use of Trusts as a vehicle for asset protection and succession planning
  • The interface between matrimonial relationship property claims and Trusts
  • How to draft and structure Wills to enable your Trust vehicle to be effective
  • Managing disputes and conducting litigation involving Trusts