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Traffic Law covers a wide range of issues involving State authorities bringing prosecutions against individuals or companies under a number of different statutes.

A traffic incident or offence can be a traumatic and distressing event in anyone’s life.

We have a specialist team to advise you if you find yourself facing an investigation or prosecution resulting from an incident.

If you have to appear in court we have significant experience in managing and defending matters in the District and High Courts.

If you need a Traffic lawyer, we can assist with:

  • Careless, dangerous or reckless driving charges
  • ‘Boy racer’ charges
  • Drink drive offences
  • Driving whilst disqualified charges
  • Road user and other regulatory infringements
  • Avoiding disqualification for special reasons
  • Alternative sentencing options
  • Limited or work licences for driving if you are disqualified
Our Traffic Law Team