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Mediation is a process where two or more people meet (often with their lawyer present) for the purposes of trying to reach agreement. A neutral third party, a mediator, is present to guide the discussions towards agreement.

Mediation allows the participating parties to make the decisions, not a judge or arbitrator, therefore it is often much less expensive than litigation. When parties willingly engage in the process, the success rate of mediation is very high.

Paul Maskell is a fully qualified and practising mediator. He has previously been appointed by the Family Court to convene mediations to assist parties involved in litigation in the Family Court.

We provide the following mediation services:

  • We can act as mediator
  • We can attend the mediation with you as your lawyer
  • If you are attending at mediation without a lawyer, (such as Family Dispute Resolution), we can advise you prior to the mediation to ensure that you fully understand the process and discuss strategy and possible solutions with you
Our Mediation Team