Business and Personal Litigation and Dispute Resolution


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Business and personal disputes arise for many reasons, so we tailor our advice to each individual situation.

You may be trying to enforce a contract, need a litigation lawyer to take legal action for debt collection, issue a demand, provide bankruptcy advice, enforce or defend your commercial rights in the field you operate in or defend a statutory prosecution.

We can assist you whether you are a company or individual seeking advice.

Disputes often involve a contract and disagreement over its meaning, or allegations of one party failing to perform according to the contract. However, there are also a multitude of other types of business and personal disputes involving breaches of personal rights or breach of statutes.

Often commercial disputes never get to court, but involve parties receiving advice about their legal rights and remedies, and then negotiating a settlement.

Our experienced legal team of Litigation lawyers can assist you in all matters of this type, including:

  • Contractual disputes
  • Insurance law problems
  • Debt collection or debt recovery
  • Company insolvency and bankruptcy advice
  • Injunctions
  • Making claims for personal remedies (eg under the Harassment Act)
  • Health and safety advice and prosecutions
  • Challenging decisions of Government and official organisations
  • Copyright and trademark disputes
  • Consumer protection matters
Our Business and Personal Litigation and Dispute Resolution Team