Achievement Awards 2016


Caroline Filimoekava

Caroline Filimoekava is thoroughly deserving of an Inder Lynch Achievement award recipient. She is a strong, quiet young woman who leads by example and consistently displays our Independent Learner Actions and our life-long Whanau values.

Caroline’s leadership capacity has especially been seen through her passion and involvement with a range of different Polyfest groups. For the last four years she has been a key member of the school’s award winning Niuean group, and this year she also joined the Tongan group.

Caroline has also been a valuable member of one of our Alfriston College Netball teams this year and she has enjoyed this enormously. She sets an example with her commitment to learning and to her culture and does this through her ability to connect and collaborate effectively with a range of other learners as well as her learning leaders.

Caroline also leads by example with regard to her other learning. Caroline has successfully completed NCEA Level 1 where she showed a particular passion for Drama. Caroline completed NCEA Level 2 with a Merit endorsement overall, and two subject Merit endorsements for Health Education and English. That same year Caroline received our school award for 1st in Level 2 Pacific Studies. She is well on her way to gaining Level 3 having already achieved 50 credits and maintaining a 100% pass rate.

Caroline intends to pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree at Auckland University of Technology (AUT), planning to major in Psychology. Caroline is a reliable, honest and trustworthy learner who will take her opportunity to study and contribute to her community in the future, very seriously.

Seanoa Pakau Iosua

Seanoa is one of Alfriston College’s true all-round learners with strong academic ability, leadership skills and extra-curricular involvement. This year he is also a member of the Kaitataki Student Leadership team and has performed the role of Academic Leader to a very high standard. His role has included leading whanau assemblies, representing the school and whanau at the local Sunrise Walk for Hospice and his whanau in the Alfriston College fun run and many other inter-school events. He has grown into a mature, motivated and responsible young man who is liked and respected by peers and staff alike.

Seanoa’s leadership skills have also been evident through his academic successes. He has easily achieved both NCEA Level 1 and 2, with rank scores well above the minimum requirement for most New Zealand university degrees. In 2014 he was First in Class for both his Health and Physical Education classes, and he has also received school awards for overall Connection and Competence – 2 of the 4 pillars of the Alfriston College’s whanau learning focus. Seanoa has been an integral player and leader of numerous school and representative sports, cultural and academic teams including the 1st XV Rugby Team, Cook Island Cultural Group, Niuean Cultural Group, Science Expo Team, and Spoken Word Team.

Seanoa has a strong desire to work for his community, which is particularly evident by his involvement in and contributions to his tutor group and whanau including his ability to engage others in building community, role modelling participation and self-direction in trying new things and being an active and contributing young person. His breadth and depth of experiences and contributions over his time at the College have led to him to develop further his natural leadership and teamwork skills, and personal confidence. He has all the personal and academic attributes to be a great success at tertiary level and beyond, as well as being a strong role model for other young people in our community - particularly Maori and Pasifika and will be working towards a tertiary education in Health Science at either Auckland University or Auckland University of Technology next year. He is grateful for the scholarship provided by the Inder Lynch Award and looks forward to continuing his development, leadership, education and career with their support.


Tilisesi Fatongiatau

Tilisesi icame to James Cook High School from Tonga in 2014.  She is a very capable student who achieved both Level 1 and Level 2 NCEA with Merit endorsements. 

Tilisesi is in our Health Sciences Academy, which prepares students for future work with the Counties Manukau District Health Board.  Next year she intends to study for a Bachelor of Health Sciences at Auckland University, then train the be a nurse. 

Tilisesi has been a member of the school’s Tongan Group, performing at the Polyfest, and she also volunteers at Middlemore Hospital.

Julius Harris Scrivener

Julius has attended James Cook High School since Year 9, and has achieved Level 1 and 2 NCEA, and already Level 3, on internal credits alone.  He is headed to Auckland University to study for a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Psychology.  He has been in the school’s Health Sciences Academy since Year 11.

Juilus has involved himself in a number of school and community activities, including the Peer Sexuality Support programme,  Mathex competitions, the badminton team and he is a school prefect and House Leader of Tangaroa House.  Julius has also been a member of the Manurewa Youth Council.


Daisy Ancha

My name is Daisy Ancha. I am 17 years of age and currently on my last year at Manurewa High School. My goal after high school is to get into a science field at either AUT or Auckland University. I am from the Philippines and the oldest in my family of five. Next year I hope to be the first in my family to attend university as neither of my parents have obtained a qualification nor have attended a university during their schooling. I want to make them proud by going into university and getting a degree in the science field. Education has always been a priority of mine and I study not only for me but my family as well. I am a friendly and all-rounder member of the community and someday I want to give back.

I enjoy partaking in extracurricular activities both outside and within school hours. I try to join as much groups possible. During my time at Manurewa High School I have participated in a number of activities which include sports (badminton), cultural groups (Filipino/Japanese), Health Council, Arts (Production/Stage Challenge/Polyfest). As well getting involved with Foundation for Youth Development Mentoring Programme, where I was given a leadership role that was aimed to help year 9 students feel more welcomed in High School. I have also taken interest in languages such as Japanese. I volunteered as a host to a Japanese exchange student as well competing in the AUT Speech Competition for Secondary school for two years, both of which occurred not too long ago this year. Along with that I chose to take extra lessons outside of school by the Manukau Library.

Outside of school I contribute to the community by volunteering as an alter-sever during church services on the weekends where I help the priest to give service to all at church.  I enjoy working with people and making the most out of every opportunity.

Sean Randal

My name is Sean Randal. I am 18 years of age and am currently in my fifth and final year at Manurewa High School. Throughout my time at Manurewa High School, I have been involved in sound and lighting for two school productions, assemblies, lunchtime and after school events and whenever I am needed. In year 10, I was taking drama and my teacher at the time suggested I get involved in the school production that year by helping out back stage and since then I have been helping out with the sound and lighting for numerous school events.

This year I accepted the responsibility to manage the lighting for our recent entry in Stage Challenge which involved practices after school and weekends. I operated the follow spot on the day and night final performance at the Aotea Centre. I am also in the Media Council at school. This year I got involved in the Auckland Theatre Company - Next Big Thing Festival 2016 ‘Shoulda Woulda Coulda’ play, where I was the lighting operator.

Next year I want to pursue a career in production management in particular directing or stage management. The work I have done with school and with the show Shoulda Woulda Coulda play never feels like I am working. To achieve what I want and to continue my passion, I have applied to Unitec for their Bachelor in Performing Screen and Theatre Arts (Production Design and Management).


Teuila Aumua

My name is Teuila Aumua and currently studying my last year at Papakura High School. I am a hardworking and dedicated student with ambitions of being accepted into Auckland University of Technology to study Bachelor of Sport and Recreation as I am passionate about Sport and Health. I feel very motivated about this as it involves both of my passion and I aim to make it part of my future career. Another goal I have, after I have finished these studies is to apply for the Police Force and aim to make it into the New Zealand Police College because I am a person that is passionate about making sure our community is safe and to give service to my country. The Inder Lynch Study Award I would use the money I receive to achieve my study goals. My academic capabilities are expressed through my achievement of NCEA Level 1 with Merit Endorsement and Subject Endorsements and achievement of passing NCEA Level 2. My leadership skills allowed me to be selected to go on the Outdoor Pursuit Centre Camp that took place last year. I have also volunteered with the NZ Police facilitated Bluelight Discos for Primary Schools which allows me to gain and improve valuable skills such as communication and time management. I believe that my dedication to academics and leadership qualities make me a suitable candidate for your scholarship.

Throughout my life especially during high school I have demonstrated that I am a hardworking and determined person when it comes to achieving my goals at the highest standard. The institution that I will be studying at is AUT university at North Shore. They offer and have high quality teaching staff, research rich environment, innovative facilities, learning support and contemporary programmes enable us to produce skilled and sought-after graduates. It also offers a new approach to postgraduate study - one that is innovative and supportive to help me or anyone challenge traditional thinking.  My main goal is to achieve my degree and find a job that relates to and incorporates sport in it as sport is my passion and where my heart and soul lays. AUT has a great local relationship throughout New Zealand and also Overseas.

I have chosen this course of study because my career aspirations is to become a person that works under the line of sports, health and management put together. I want to be able to provide Kiwis with opportunities to play sport and be happy in their communities. I also want to teach health and physical education to our young generations so that I am able to reach out to them about incorporating health in their everyday life by learning about it every day in class.

I believe in my heart I deserve to receive this study award to achieving my goals at the highest standard. I feel my achievements throughout High School make me the perfect candidate whose future can be supported by great local companies such as Inder Lynch.

Jaris Herdson

Greetings, my name is Jaris Luis Herdson, and I am writing this to you to give you some background on my time here at Papakura High School and what I’ve achieved up until now, and some insight into my future goals and aspirations. At this time of writing I have officially passed NCEA Level 1 and 2, and unofficially passed NCEA Level 3. I currently have a total of 218 credits (NCEA Level 1, 2, and 3 inclusive), that is made up of achieved grades, merits, and a few excellences. I have also participated in a MaiBiz business challenge, in which I had to contribute and collaborate within a team in order to plan and design a product, and simulate the related economic, production, and distribution problems that come with creating a product for the purpose of earning money off of it. I also attended a short 3-day course hosted by Avonmore Tertiary Institute, in which I learnt about several computer related businesses and their products, and was taught various ICT related skills such as dismantling a PC, and putting it back together and ensuring it works, and constructing ethernet cables. They also instructed us about the core components of a PC (how they work and what they do).

As for my future, I aspire to become a game designer, as gaming is my passion. However, to begin with, any job in the IT industry would suit me fine, as I wish to enter the world of computers, and become more familiar with computer science as a whole, such as learning the basics and fundamentals first before moving on to my dream job. To achieve this, after school has finished for me, I will explore further studies within the realm of computer science, in the form of a course or other related tertiary study. If this process takes longer than expected, I will look up a temporary job to ensure financial stability, and potentially take a gap year to find my rhythm. I would benefit greatly from the scholarship opportunity your corporation has so generously extended to the students of Papakura HIgh. I believe I could achieve a lot with the extra money, and I will divert it all to my studies and personal well-being. Thank you for reading and thank you once again for offering the opportunity.

Jaris Luis Herdson


Grace Wilcox

Hi, my name is Grace Wilcox. I’m seventeen years old, in my final year of High School, and I am more than thankful to be one of the 2016 recipients of the Inder Lynch Achievement Award. Next year I plan on following my passion of helping people by studying a conjoint Bachelor of Laws and Psychology (Bachelor of Arts) at The University of Auckland.

Growing up my parents endorsed the saying ‘aim high’ and I’ve always tried my hardest and taken every opportunity that has come my way. As well as achieving NCEA Level 1 with Excellence and NCEA Level 2 with Merit, awarded with the top overall year 12 Maori female, and Head Girl, I’ve participated in the Pukekohe Relay for Life, volunteered at various local primary schools, helped with multiple Rising Foundation fundraisers and attended various leadership/academic conferences such as National Young Leaders Day and a Waikato-Tainui education conference. I attend a Christian youth group every Friday, am a school peer mediator, a member of the cultural and community councils, a junior ambassador of the RSA and have been a part of a leadership group called The Rising Foundation since 2012 where I was able to meet and speak to the Prime Minister John Key personally.

Being a year 13 student, one of the most frequent questions asked is ‘What do you want to do when you’re older?’ and the first thing that comes to my mind is that I want to help people. I want to make a difference in whatever way I can. Everyone has a voice and everyone is able to make a change when you have the right support, facilities and drive. Showing others that with hard work and determination, anything is possible has made me realise that what I want to do on a much larger scale and with my qualification is help and inspire others. Coming from South Auckland as a Maori female I would be extremely humbled to be an inspiration to other students who are judged under the same stereotype/circumstances. I am extremely grateful and humbled to receive this award.

Jarrod Paranihi

My name is Jarrod Paranihi, and I am a 17 year old, Year 13, Pukekohe High School student. I highly appreciate being one of this year’s Inder Lynch Achievement Award recipients.

I have always had a strong extra-curricular involvement with the school. I have been in many of the schools bands since year 9, and played in the school’s Concert Band, which has won many national awards. I am a house leader, peer support leader and peer mediator. I am also a member of the Schools Environmental Council, and helped to plan initiatives to increase seating, recycling and shelter at our school.

Next year, I am planning to study Electronic Engineering at the University of Waikato. This has been influenced by my interest in physics and technology classes. Last year I also completed a MIT Automotive Engineering course, which further increased this interest.


Amy Lamont

Hi, my name is Amy Lamont and I’m currently in Year 13 studying at Rosehill College.

During my years at Rosehill, I have been involved in the Interact Club since 2014. Interact Club is a non-profitable organisation that raises money by selling roses on Valentine’s day, selling hot chocolates during the winter season which are just a few of the events we have organised. I have also been involved in being a student advisor. This is an important role where I have helped all the new students settle into our school. The reasons I have been involved in these two school extra-curricular activities is because I like helping out others by making a positive impact on their lives. I haven’t been in any leadership positions (i.e. house leader or head student) but I believe I possess leadership qualities. This includes that I have great time management skills developed through balancing my practical academic studies and working an average of 16 hours at New World Papakura. Next year I plan to get a bachelor of food technology degree at Massey University’s Albany campus.

The main reason why I want to become a food technologist is because I want to make a positive and beneficial impact on New Zealand’s society and food industry. I am very grateful to receive this scholarship from Inder Lynch, as I will be paying all my university fees and additional costs myself without parental help.

Nahshon Letele

I am Nahshon Letele, a Year 13 student who is very addicted to education.

I’ve been through a lot at Rosehill, from schooling to sports to leadership roles. I’ve been a part of the Rosehill College Kapa Haka group for 4 years, a variety of school events, played Rugby 1st XV for 3 years, Rugby League for 3 years. I have also been one of the values leaders at our school, the first Pasifika student to be a Values leader, as well as this I have been a member of the sports committee. I am not rude enough to say that I come from a poor family because my parents have tried their hardest to give me and my siblings everything that we wanted. I am thankful to them for this but I do not want to increase their burden with my university aspirations. This award will help with my goal, which is to be the first in my family to go to university. It will help with my career pathway which is to join criminal enforcement or policing. I will study criminology, psychology, sociology and hopefully education. I have tried my hardest to get where I am today with the help of my parents, family, friends and even the teachers at school who believe that I am able to achieve what I believe.

This scholarship will help contribute to my future aspiration to help others that need help and I thank Inder Lynch for this award.