Achievement Awards 2015


Fayth Pula

Social Justice and support is a passion area for Fayth.  In order to pursue these values and contribute meaningfully to her community, she intends to begin an undergraduate degree at either AUT or Auckland University to study psychology with the hopes of moving on to work in the fields of either clinical psychology or criminal justice.  Fayth is a driven and intelligent young woman who has the potential to be a great role model for both Pasifika youth and our community.

Ben Haurua

Ben wants to start his building qualification through the BCITO and is applying to MTD Construction and Greenfield Construction to complete his apprenticeship. Ben has always liked making things and as a kid really liked blocks. He is a talented and skilled learner in Technology Multi Materials and has completed a Gateway that has given him the confidence to pursue a career pathway into building. His training will take him 3-4 years and he is looking forward to the challenge by setting small goals and achieving them. Ben’s big goal is to own his own business, in the short term he aims to get qualified with the necessary experience he needs and buy a ute to get his business started. His 10 year plan is to build a family homestead and own his own company.


Tekin Kanimako

As an all-round student, Tekin has strong academic ability, leadership skills and community involvement.  She has worked incredibly hard to raise her academic achievement to the levels required to achieve her dream of studying Health Sciences.  She has easily achieved NCEA Levels 1 and 2 with Rank Scores of 186 and 232 respectively, and she currently has a Rank Score of 115 from just 30 Level 3 credits.  It is the improvement between these levels that truly reflect her determination to succeed.  Within school Tekin also placed 1st in Level 1 Human Biology and 1st in Level 2 Mathematics.

During her senior years, Tekin has been involved in numerous extra-curricular activities in school including playing soccer; a volunteer artist for the Mountfort Sports Centre’s mural; team member for Inter-House Mathex competition; and a participant in the Liggins Education Network for Science programme.  Her leadership skills have been developed through her involvement as a volunteer for the school’s Breakfast Club (providing nutritious breakfast food for other students), Youth Health Council member, and as the Code Captain for girls soccer.

Tekin is extremely proud of her Kiribati heritage and is a member of a dance group, made up of performers from around the country, who regularly perform at numerous community events and meetings.

Tekin has raised her academic performance significantly each year as she strives to reach the entry requirements necessary to gain entry into a Health Sciences programme.  She has proven that she has all the personal and academic attributes to continue on this pathway to becoming one of the few female Pasifika health professionals..

Lemisio Andy

Lemisio is one of our school’s true all-round students with strong academic ability, leadership skills and extra-curricular involvement.  This year he is also our Deputy Head Boy, and he has performed this role to a very high standard.  His roles have included leading school assemblies, representing the school at the local Anzac Day parade, and standing in for the Head Boy when required.  Lemisio has grown into a mature, motivated and responsible young man who is liked and respected by peers and staff alike.

Lemisio’s leadership skills have also been evident through his academic successes.  He has easily achieved both NCEA Level 1 and 2, with Rank Scores well above the minimum requirement for most NZ university degrees.  He was top of his year 10 class, placed first in Level 1 Health Academy Physics and first in Level 2 Physical Education.  Lemisio has also been a select member of the school’s Health Science Academy, a programme set up at our school in 2011 in partnership with the Tindall Foundation and the Counties Manukau District Health Board to pathway Maori and Pasifika students into health careers. During his time in this programme he has given up a lot of his own time to attend extra tutorials, NCEA workshops, work site and tertiary institution visits, and completed courses to gain his First Aid and Health & Safety Certificates.

Since year 9 Lemisio has been an integral player and leader of numerous school and representative sports teams including rugby, cricket, soccer and rugby sevens.  His leadership has shone through with captaincy responsibilities in the 1st XV and Under 16 rugby and rugby sevens teams, and he has volunteered to coach the junior rugby sevens team and manage the 1st XV rugby sevens team.  His sporting prowess has been rewarded over the years by gaining the Most Valuable Player award for Under 15, Under 16 and 1st XV rugby teams.

Lemisio has a strong desire to work for his community, which is particularly evident by his involvement in several voluntary groups at school including Health Council, Peer Sexuality Support and Sports Council.  He was also selected to attend a Spirit of Adventure course in 2013, which further developed his natural leadership and teamwork skills, and personal confidence.

Since year 9 Lemisio’s dream is to be one of the few Pasifika male health professionals, with his focus now on studying Physiotherapy.  He has all the personal and academic attributes to be a great success at tertiary level and beyond, as well as being a strong role model for other students particularly Maori and Pasifika. 


Tessa Dreadon

My name is Tessa Dreadon, I am 17 and have nearly completed final year at Manurewa High School. In 2016, I wish to study Animal Science at Waikato University and receiving the Inder Lynch Scholarship will help me fund my studies. I am grateful to receive the Inder Lynch Award.

Throughout my years at Manurewa High School I have been involved in many sports and arts activities and taken on leadership roles when I could.

I have participated in and enjoyed many swimming, running and orienteering events. I have played in the 1st Xl Football. We placed 1st in Counties Manukau this year. Within the Arts, I play the flute in the school concert bands, regularly competing in performances. As a band we travelled to Australia and Hawaii to work with top conductors and schools. Within school I am part of the Prefect team and involved with the FYD mentoring programme for our year 9 students In 2014 I was part of the Humanitarian Aid Leadership Programme where we travelled to Thailand and Laos, helping people in local villages and experiencing the cultural traditions. It was eye opening experience being in a 3rd world country.
I love the outdoors and have thoroughly enjoyed going to Outward Bound for 3 weeks on the Student Leadership course and was challenged on the Spirit of Adventure Voyage for 10 days. I have recently finished my silver Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award and have partly completed my gold award.

I enjoy participating in activities where I can help other people accomplish what they set out to do. Our family has recently been home to a Guide Dog Puppy, Bessie, which has been a great experience. She is currently in training, and hopefully will make it through so she can be with a person who requires her. I volunteer at Auckland Zoo, cleaning up and helping members of the public enjoy their experience at the zoo. Being part of the ball crew at FIFA U20 World Cup, I realized how important volunteers are to help make event like the world cups run smoothly and efficiently.

Thank you Inder Lynch Lawyers for the support and generosity. The money will go a long way towards my tertiary studies.

Benjimen Yelda

My name is Benjimen Yelda, I am 18 years of age and am currently in my fifth and final year at Manurewa High School. I am truly thankful to receive the Inder Lynch Achievement Award as it will contribute significantly towards funding my tertiary study next year.
Throughout my High School life I have been heavily involved in the Arts department - Music in particular. I have had the privilege of being a part of three school bands - the Manurewa High School Wind Symphony, Manurewa High School Symphonic band and the Manurewa High School Jazz band. I have also participated in the KBB Music festival with these three bands over the past four years.
Next year I wish to pursue a career in Music at the University of Auckland doing a Bachelor in Composition and a Bachelor in Musicology.
As an Assyrian in South Auckland, I have worked closely with St Mary's Assyrian Church of the East. In 2012, I have applied the musical knowledge I have learnt from school to the roles that have been given to me as Church Pianist and Choral Director. Once again, I am truly honoured and thankful to have been chosen to receive the Inder Lynch Achievement Award 2016.
I am truly grateful, thank you. Benjamin Yelda.


Emily Thammavongsar

My name is Emily Thammavongsar and I am a current year 13/form 7 student at Papakura High School who is wishing to further my studies in the future to ultimately become an Officer in the Royal New Zealand Navy. I wish to be selected for this scholarship because it would help my mum and I out financially to support my future studies. I live at home with my single mother who is currently unable to work full time because of a mental illness. Although I have been selected into the Navy, this scholarship would benefit my family immensely as I wish to be able to support my mother whilst I am away on my basic training (commencing February 2016).

I currently hold the privilege of being Head Girl at my school and it has definitely opened many doors for me. Not only has this role allowed myself to be a constant role model within my school community, it has allowed me to constantly evolve as a young leader by becoming more confident in myself which reflects onto my peers. As a part of being Head Girl, I also lead the Service portfolio. This consists of organizing all events at my school which include charity fundraiser days, the school ball, graduation dinner and much more. This role has definitely been challenging in many ways but has also been very rewarding as I have come out of it as a better version of me!

Last year, I was given the opportunity to attend a program called the Defence Careers Experience.  The insight that I gained from this camp gave me motivation and more determination to join the Navy as they give back to the people of New Zealand and others through the contribution of their services.

I am a hardworking learner who will do what it takes to accomplish all that I strive for. Receiving this scholarship would allow me to perform my best in the Navy as I can have a peace of mind knowing that my mother is at home financially stable and secure.  I wish to be able to provide for my mother and do her proud as she only had the opportunity to finish her education within the last few years as an adult student. This scholarship would enable me to focus on the preparation of becoming an outstanding Officer for the Royal New Zealand Navy.

Taamati Pahiri

My name is Taamati Pahiri and I am 18 years of age. I attend Papakura High School. I am cUlTently studying NCEA L3. The value of education is something that I have always taken seriously because of the different doors of opportunities that it can open up for me. I will be the first in my family to graduate high school; I have made it my goal to graduate gaining my NCEA Ll, L2 and L3. My parents have made many sacrifices for me in order to attain the extra knowledge to help benefit my schooling now and further education. I just want to make them proud and give back to them, also setting a good example for my younger siblings to follow.

My aspiration in life is to pursue a career in either travel and tourism and hospitality or to work with youth. I've always enjoyed working with food, enhancing my knowledge of food. I enjoy travelling and aim to see the world for what it is and what it has to offer.

Before I start on my journey in the above, I have chosen to attend C3 Leadership College to study towards a Certificate in Christian Ministry which is for 1 year but could extend that further. I feel like the college will help me find myself in Christ and enhance my understanding of his word and see the world in a different light. The college can teach me different leadership skills and really stretch me mentally, physically and emotionally.
In May this year, a group called Undefeated visited our school sharing a message around suicide prevention, hope and purpose. They preached and invited us to this massive event they were hosting. Not knowing they were from a church, my friends I went because the Sorority dance crew from the royal family were performing. We were invited to their youth group and we haven't stopped going ever since. This was a brief explanation of how my interest for church college came about. The more I learnt about the college and what it had to offer, the more intrigued I became and knew I wanted to do it.

Throughout my journey here at Papakura High School, I have achieved so much. I was fortunate in fulfilling the role as a junior prefect when they initiated it at the time. This year I fulfilled the role as a senior prefect. Being a prefect has taught me different leadership skills. I have participated in different sports groups during my time at Papakura high school such as hockey, rugby, badminton and tennis. I am apart the school environmental group. I study hospitality and I've been a part of our schools Edu-Caterers group serving on numerous functions and events throughout the year.


Renee Twidle

My name is Renee Twidle, I am seventeen years old and am in my final year at Pukekohe High School. I am beyond grateful to be the recipient of the Inder Lynch Achievement Award for 2015, especially as there were many worthy candidates.

I have a strong belief in being not only successful but significant, this has derived from influences in my life that have made me realise my passion to give to others. During my years at Pukekohe High School I have been a part of many things and have been given many opportunities. I’ve represented the school for netball and cricket on many occasions. I hold leadership positions such as Prefect, Peer Mediator, House Leader, Peer Support and others. I have been a part of various school councils, the Youth Health Taskforce, the Knitting Club, the Maori Achievement Awards, Magazine Committee and more which have allowed me to be involved in decisions and events being made within our school. I have also been involved in the community by umpiring and coaching Netball, being a part of the Tuakau Youth Advisory Board, participating in Relay for Life, 40hr Famine, Fundraising for Prostate Cancer, and Breast Cancer, Raising Awareness of Violence against women, and Volunteering at the Active Post Kid’s Fun day. I see dedicating my time as a small way of giving back to a community which has given so much to me.

I have been blessed with many opportunities and people in my life that have helped me to succeed not only academically, culturally, socially and in sports but also in life, by nurturing me into the person I am today. My future endeavours begin with attending Auckland University of Technology to do a double degree in Law and a Bachelor of Arts in Conflict Resolution. By doing this I hope to lead the way for other students that come from the same circumstances as I do.

Ryan Le Quesne

My name is Ryan Le Quesne and I am a year thirteen student at Pukekohe High School. I intend to study of Bachelor of Engineering majoring in Software Engineering at Waikato University.

Over the course of my time at Pukekohe High School I have worked hard to achieve numerous academic awards, including NCEA Level 1 and Level 2 with excellence endorsement and 2nd place in year 12. Alongside my academic endeavors I have been involved with a number of extra-curricular activities, such as being a member of the academic council and tutoring students in the community and within Pukekohe High School. I recently participated in a trip to India through World Challenge, a company who helped organise and coordinate the trip, where we had many awesome experiences and managed to help out a village in need.

I have a passion to create and design software to solve problems and I aim to continue this through Software Engineering. I am extremely grateful to be receiving the Inder Lynch Achievement Award as it will greatly assist my future studies at the University of Waikato.


Destinee Johnston

My name is Destinee Johnston and during my time at Rosehill College I have participated in a number of school activities that have helped me grow my leadership and team building skills. Being a committed member of the Netball team in Years 10 and 11, playing all games and attending all trainings. I have also contributed to our Year 9 students by being a Student Advisor supporting them in their transition into our school.
This year I have been more determined to achieve well in my subjects; Year 13 Geography, Art Design, Biology, Classical Studies and Social Studies. This determination and focus has shown through in my achievement and learning this year. I have passed all assessments to date and I aim to achieve Level 3 endorsed with Merit
My ambition is to obtain a place in the Nursing programme offered by Auckland University as I enjoy being around people and love to help make peoples lives better. I continue to seek opportunities to build me skills and knowledge in this area like recently passing a First Aid course.
This award will make such a difference for me and I thank Inder Lynch for sponsoring this award to help with my future.

Josh Taylor

My name is Josh Taylor and over the years of attending Rosehill College I am proud to represent the school in sports such as Rugby and the A Grade Badminton squad which I captained. As well as inter-school competitions I have been a part of our school exchange with Hillcrest High School.

I have shown leadership in my tutor group throughout my time at school supporting the junior students learning especially in Maths and Science. I have also actively encouraged them to participate in House events, and sports days and modelled participation myself.

I am studying Year 13 Accounting, Biology, Chemistry, Maths with Calculus and Physics this year. Academically I have achieved Excellence endorsement in Level 1 and 2 NCEA and am currently striving for this in Level 3. My aim is to go on to University to study in the Sciences focusing on a Chemistry based degree.

I would like to thank Inder Lynch Lawyers who are sponsoring this scholarship and it will make a big difference to my future learning opportunities and career.