Achievement Awards 2014


Loryn Mataroa

Loryn is a wise, caring and collaborative learner and leader. Loryn came to Alfriston College in Year 11 and has shown remarkable resilience and determination. During Year 11 and 12 Loryn received awards for Food Technology, English, Dance and Health.

Loryn always leads by example. She established and lead the Alfriston College Cook Islands Dance Group and within the Dance Learning Area, she has established and continues to lead our Dance Crew - Diversity Dance Crew. It is in her leadership of this group that Loryn’s wise, caring and collaborative leadership has stood out. In this role Loryn has taught and mentored learners from Year 9 – 13. Younger learners look up to Loryn because of her talent and inclusive way of leading.

Loryn has completed her NCEA Level 3 showing particular skill in Media Studies and Dance. Dance is Loryn’s passion and she plans to complete a Bachelor Dance degree at Waikato or Auckland, and then a Graduate Diploma of Teaching to become a teacher..

Fini Hanfiro

Fini Hanfiro is an all-round talented learner and leader. He is a member of his Whanau’s Leadership team with co-responsibility for the Community Portfolio.

This year Fini lead his Whanau’s Choir for the annual Inter-Whanau competition. He is also an active member and leader of Badminton and received the 2014 Service to Sport – Badminton award.

Fini is also a talented and creative musician showing skill in mixing and recording as well as playing bass and lead guitar. Fini has been a member of the highly successful band ‘March into April’, and this year as part of ‘Reciprocate’ entered the Pacifica Beats competition and made the regional final for Rock Quest.

After gaining endorsements of NCEA Levels 1 and 2, Fini is intending to study at the University of Auckland next year in either Science or Engineering. He is a humble young man who is well-respected all member of our school community.


Mauga Feagaiga-Fagasa

Mauga is in Year 13, studying for NCEA Level 3, as well as providing excellent leadership as a House Prefect.  A keen, talented and successful sportswoman, Mauga is the 2014 Senior Girls’ Athletics Champion and she plays softball, basketball and hockey for the first school teams.  She is a Counties Manukau representative in softball and rugby union and was selected as captain of the NZ Maori Women’s Under-19 Rugby Union representative team.  She coaches a school netball and league team.

Next year, Mauga will being study for a Certificate in Criminology at AUT, then intends to train as a police officer.

Keanu Taranaki

Keanu is the 2014 Head Boy Prefect and has performed his leadership duties superbly throughout the year.  Keanu enjoys a range of sports and played for the 1st XV rugby team this year, but his major passion is in Dance, in which he has consistently achieved Level 3 NCEA grades with Excellence.  He performed in the school’s dance troupe at the Auckland Stage Challenge, and most recently, was selected by renowned New Zealand choreographer Moss Patterson to be a part of a production, Te Manu Ahi, with the Atamira Dance Company and the Auckland Philharmonic Orchestra.

Next year, Keanu will continue his Dance studies at AUT, studying for a Bachelor of Performing Arts degree. 


Michaela Clark

My name is Michaela Clark; I am 18 years old and I’m close to completing my last year of high school. I was surprised to receive the Inder Lynch Award but truly grateful. I really appreciate what Inder Lynch do to give back to the community and I know I’m not the only one. This award will help me get a step closer to my future goals in tertiary education and in a way, will help motivate me to continue because I know that there are people in my community willing to support us young people.

I am proud be a part of the Manurewa High School family. This was where I first started to really appreciate the community that I was born and raised in. It is here that I have discovered my passions in The Arts and caring for people, and with the help of my teachers and family, have come to where I am today

This year (2014) I had the honour and privilege to serve as our school’s Head Girl. This position allowed me to further develop my leadership skills and to get involved even more in both the school community and the Manurewa community. This year, like my entire high schooling career, I have been heavily involved in The Arts, drama and music in particular. I competed in the KBB Music Festival in all three of our bands and also managed to get into the KBB Honours Orchestra. I also won the ‘Who Loves Who Competition’ with Play it Strange at the beginning of the year. Although the art side of school is my favourite, I thought this year I’d get back into sport, so I joined the girl’s hockey team as the goalie. At school I have also been involved with the FYD Stars Mentoring program for our year 9 students, our Prefect team and various other community projects.

As a proud South Aucklander, I want to be able to give back to my community. I feel that the best way for me to do this (for now) is to follow my passion for helping people and to become a nurse. I want to be able to help people, but in as many ways possible; I want to talk to them, give them something to smile about or just be friend, and I think studying nursing is an awesome way to start!

Thank you so much to Inder Lynch Lawyers for this support, the money received will go a long way towards funding my university education. Once again I am truly grateful and appreciate this award very much.

Joseph Kumar

Kia Ora, my name is Joseph Kumar, I am 18 years old and I will being completing my secondary school education at Manurewa High School. I am truly blessed and grateful to receive the Inder Lynch Achievement Award as I know this will help me towards tertiary study.

Throughout my years at Manurewa High school I have been able to grow as a leader through many challenges I have had to face. Some of these include being Head Boy this year, captain of the 1st XV, captain of the senior basketball team, STARS Peer Mentoring Leader mentor for the Foundation of Youth Development. With these responsibilities I have been able to learn more about myself and how I can serve others, especially in my community. I have managed to achieve both my NCEA level 1 and level 2 and I'm working persistently to complete my level 3 courses at a high level. My favourite subjects are Physical education and Japanese. I wish to further my studies in these subjects so I can become a teacher or coach. One of my passions is to teach, coach or mentor others to reaching there potential in what ever area I am qualified to.

Although I am really keen to start furthering my education I will be taking a gap year to go on a mission to serving others through my church. During this year I will be gaining life experiences and working towards funding my future studies. The generosity from Inder Lynch will provide me with a helping hand to the challenging but exciting future that awaits.


Ariana Tupouto’a

Career Aspirations

My career that I want to take is Early Childhood Education (ECE). My interests in this is because I want to be part of the cycle where I can help kids grow from when they are brought into this world and I want to be one of the ones to teach them the skills.

Why do you deserve a scholarship/award?
What drives my ambitions/goals?

I think I deserve this scholarship because I feel that I have the qualities that are needed. This scholarship will not only put me in the right path but it will turn my dream into a future. This scholarship will help set up my pathway and so I can move on track with becoming what I want. I know that I will be up against many other students but that won’t stop me from persevering and striving towards getting this scholarship. I highly think I deserve this because I have a good personality and by getting this award I will be able to use my personality and to reflect it on others. The thing that drives my ambitions and goals is my family. My family has a big impact on me because they are the ones that pick me up if I fall and they’re the ones who have the most support in the things I do. They’re the ones I have the most respect for because they are the closest ones to me that will help me and tell me if I’m doing things right or wrong. But the biggest is that they are the ones who have the most faith for me. Another thing that drives me is my own personal self-thinking. I know for sure that if I set my mind out to do something, I will always follow through. These things that help drive me are the things that helps me to succeed. Without these two main aspects I don’t think I will be capable of excelling to my best or even accomplish anything at all.

Ryan Hall

My name is Ryan Hall; I am an 18 year old boy. I am in my final year at Papakura High School. I would like to pursue a career in sports as this is my passion. 

This scholarship would be beneficial for my learning as I would use the money to buy books, a laptop or any course related fees.

I am a valued member of the Health and Sports Science Academy (HASSA). This academy has prepared me for a future career in sports.

Some of my strengths are that I am sporty, punctual, friendly, responsible, a quick learner, eager to succeed and I’m also good with time management.
I also did work experience in 2013 with an organisation called ‘Youthtown’. This is an organisation that goes into Primary and Intermediate schools. They provide fun filled games and activities for the students.

I think that you should choose me because I like to make the most out of every opportunity that I am given in order for me to succeed.


Kelsi Thompson

My name is Kelsi Thompson.  I am a year 13 student at Pukekohe High School. I very much appreciate receiving the Inder Lynch Achievement Award for 2014.

In 2015 I intend to start my undergraduate degree at the University of Waikato. I will study a Bachelor of Science, specialising in Science International, with Biological Sciences as my major. Science international provides students with the opportunity to learn a language with their degree increasing the likelihood of postgraduate placements.
This gives me more options; to study and work in a non-English speaking country; and to broaden and explore what I am interested in: people, their origins; language, and culture. Last year I had the opportunity to travel in South America; this sparked my interest in Spanish and ancient and modern cultures. My long term goal is to take what I learn from my degree and work around the world.

Thank you Inder Lynch for your support.

Alex McDonald

My name is Alex McDonald, and I am incredibly grateful to have been awarded an Inder Lynch Achievement Award for 2014. I am currently in year 13 at Pukekohe High School, and am 18 years old.

Throughout my time at school I have enjoyed a wide range of activities, both within and outside of school. I have been a part of a number of highly successful school bands, playing the trombone. I have played both school and club hockey, and this year played for both the 1st XI and the Onewhero-Pukekohe Hockey Club Men’s Intercity A Team. I also played 1st XI Cricket, and represented the school in the Auckland Secondary Schools Golf Tournament, as well as playing for a Franklin Youth Pennants Team.

This year I was appointed as one of two Academic Prefects, and worked with a council of students from all year levels to attempt to improve the experience of all students at Pukekohe High, with a focus on setting up a peer mentoring system.

I have also completed a 10 day Youth Development voyage on board the Spirit of New Zealand, both as a Trainee and a volunteer Leading Hand, something that I hope to be able to continue in the future. This also contributed to my completion of the Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award, after completing both Bronze and Silver in previous years.

Next year I intend to begin my first year of a Bachelor of Urban Planning (Honours) degree at Auckland University, and this award will be incredibly helpful in covering some of the costs of this. I also hope to continue writing monthly articles for the New Zealand Golf Magazine, which I started in April this year, and have had 7 articles published to date. I hope to be able to use this degree to improve the urban areas of New Zealand and the world to best benefit all people.


Hannah Kasnu

Over the past 5 years at Rosehill College I have come a long way. I have developed a positive attitude toward school and learning. I have been a big contributor to my house group, Kahurangi and have participated in many house events such as swimming sports, athletics, house football, house day and junior fun day. In 2014 I was part of the group of student advisors that came in at the start of the year and helped the year 9’s get used to their new school environment and help them out when they need someone to talk to or help with dealing with any issues they may have been facing. Rosehill College has made an impact on my life and over the last four years that I have attended school here, I have learnt lifelong skills that will go on to help me in the future and in my career.

Over the past 3 years I have become passionate about the arts (Graphic Design and Art Design) and I hope to make a career out of this. I plan on studying a Bachelor of Architectural Studies (BAS) at Victoria University in 2015 and then go on to pursue my dream of becoming an architect.

I would like to thank the school staff that have nominated me for this award and Inder Lynch Lawyers for sponsoring this scholarship.