Achievement Awards 2013


Calah Stuart

Calah intends to pursue a Sports Science based career at AUT. She has an infectious personality and always puts others before self. She is one of those leaders who stands out by her everyday actions and interactions with people. Calah has been well committed to leadership in the school being a role model and an inspiration for others.


Liam Nielson

Liam is a humble young man, a leader in all facets of his education who has the respect of his peers with a huge amount of integrity. He is a talented athlete having played volleyball, league and mixed touch. Liam is an excellent Pasifika role model who leads by example is kind and considerate of others. He is intending to pursue a career in the Navy.


Tauariki Tarapi

Tauariki is a Year 13 student who has always displayed excellent leadership, initiative and participation, in addition to achieving academic success. 

Tauariki easily achieved Level 1 and 2 NCEA and is well on the way to achieving Level 3.  Her particular strength is in the Sciences and she is a member of our Health Sciences Academy supporting Maori and Pacifica students into a career in the Health industry. 

Outside the classroom, Tauariki has played for the Girls’ Soccer and League teams, participated in Boxercise, led the Cook Islands Polyfest group from 2011 onwards, worked behind scenes as leader of the stage crew in the secondary schools’ Stage Challenge, and has involved herself in service activities such as the Breakfast Club and the Student Council.  Her leadership skills were recognised this year through her appointment as a Student Leader (prefect).

Tauariki intends to study for a science degree from the University of Auckland, majoring in psychology, with the eventual goal of becoming a clinical psychologist working to help children with learning disabilities.

Likisone(Tyson) Likisone

Tyson came to James Cook High School in 2011, from overseas, and quickly established himself as a strong leader.  In 2012, he joined our Services Academy, which prepares students to enter one of the forces upon leaving school, and, in inter-Academy competitions organised by the New Zealand Defence Force, won the Leadership trophy as well as the Clubs Trophy for physical training.  Within the school, this year he is a member of the Stage Challenge backstage crew, the Breakfast Club, the Student Council, and was appointed Code Captain of Volleyball as well as Deputy Head Prefect. 

Tyson has also achieved Level 2 NCEA and is just short of achieving Level 3, with only 11 more credits needed from externally-assessed standards.  He prides himself on having maintained a 100% attendance rate since joining our school.

Next year Tyson will be attending Te Wananga O Aotearoa to complete their course preparing students for entry into the Police Force.


Jacinta Talia’Uli

My name is Jacinta Talia’Uli; I am 18 years old and am in my last year of High School. I am really thankful to receive the Inder Lynch Achievement Award as it would contribute greatly towards funding my Tertiary Studies.

Throughout my years at Manurewa High School, I have been involved in many school and community activities that have enabled me to grow as a leader and become more motivated to create a positive change in the community. Some of these activities include being the Head Girl of Manurewa High School, Leader of the Manurewa High School Tongan Group, Treasurer for the Manurewa Youth Council, STARS Peer Mentor for the Foundation for Youth Development, Managing Director for a Lion’s Foundation: Young Enterprise Scheme Business group and a Youth MP for Manurewa. I very much believe in the power of youth and strongly believe that youth should be engaged with their community which is why I continue to strive to increase youth engagement in the community.

My future aspiration is to be an influential Pacific business leader. Some people may believe that I am at a disadvantage because I am from a low socio economic area, I am a Pacific Islander and I am female. However, this only motivates me even more to make a name not only for myself but also my people and community. In the future, I want to associate with an organisation that will provide me with an opportunity to demonstrate my skills and to be a part of a team that works dynamically towards the objectives of the organisation. The money received from this generous company will go a long way towards funding my university studies and I am thankful and very appreciative of their support.

Jordan Cama

Bula Vinaka, my name is Jordan Cama, I am the Head boy of Manurewa High School and I am very grateful to receive the Inder Lynch Achievement as it would be put aside for my Tertiary Studies.

Being at Manurewa High School has really transformed me to who I am today. I have being given opportunities that are life changing as well as self-development, I was given the opportunity to go Outward Bound, become Head Boy, be part of the sports council, being a leader on school camps, play sport to an excellent level and through the great sporting programme we have at school I made Chiefs U18 development two years in a row. I have also won all round sports boy of the year two years in a row. In addition to my sporting achievements I have achieved NCEA level 1 and level 2 and I am well on my way getting my level 3 as I set my goal of going to Otago University next year.

Next year I would like to go down to Otago University and study Physical Education. That has always being my ultimate goal and with the generous funding from Inder Lynch Lawyers it will kick-start me in pursing my dream of becoming a physical educational teacher and coming back to Manurewa High School to teach and give back to the community who has done so much for me.


CharisseTerehia Tawhi

My name is Charisse Terehia Tawhi-Amopiu and I am a current student at Papakura High School. My ambition in life is to work in the service of health, and help the current Maori Health epidemic.  I will achieve this by partaking in a Bachelor of Health Sciences, and a conjoint in Maori Studies at the University of Auckland, further studies are required to successfully become a GP within Papakura or the South Auckland region.

Throughout my years at Papakura High School I have been given many opportunities that have shaped the person I am today, more blatantly the opportunity to learn art. Art is a form of self-expression, where I am free to draw the tiniest figurines of my vivid imagination. It is the most important field of my High School years as it started the transition of striving for personal excellence and I was able to find a true passion within the enrichment of art. During year 10 I was a shy student who was afraid to speak up. Art was an outlet for my voice and in times of hardships became a stress release. I have been involved in a wide range of Art based Activities from 2012 to the present.

  • I was a part of The Roots Creative Entrepreneurs- Which is community based. Here I learnt traditional Pacific lashing techniques, where I would build a beacon for East Tamaki Primary School. I also took part in the Garden of Eden, where we assembled recycled art to create a Garden for Rose bank Primary. I also helped to Paint a Mural for Rosebank Primary and was a part of the planting the seeds event held at Pacifka.
  • I was a part of the “Auckland arts Festival mural” which was a collaboration between MIT, Painting for the people and the Papakura Art Gallery.  Our mural can be seen outside the Papakura Badminton Club, and is a symbol of the diverse cultures within New Zealand
  • I also took part in the AO shop window project, run in conjunction with MIT and is currently on display throughout the Papakura town centre in recluse shop windows.
  • Voluntary work experience at the Papakura Art Gallery where I helped set up exhibitions that showcase talented New Zealand artists.
  • And lastly, a part of the “2012 Car Project” in conjunction with the Papakura Art Gallery and Resene. Where I painted a design on Rupert’s Car.

Papakura High School has not only pushed me to strive for excellence, but to seek the highest which is reparative on the motto I wear proudly on my uniform.  I have not only gained confidence in myself, but also my academic ability, and leadership qualities. Over the years I have seen a hasty increase in my academic results, where I attained top Level 2 Student and passed my Level 2 NCEA with excellence. However, it is through the adversaries of my family where I endeavor to cure the health issues facing Maori and to change the demographic and stereotypes surrounding. I have been a part of my grand-fathers recovery, his determination in overcoming his adversaries, and his strong willpower to keep positive has inspired my choice in Health. I have taken an interest in Health Sciences as a field of study and eventually being a General Practitioner as a possible career pathway. My success in Science and Biology where I placed 1st, has further persuaded me that I can achieve this goal. I am a part of the Whakapiki Ake-Health Whanau and also a member of the “Health Could B 4 U” team, which promotes Maori and Pacific students to study in a pathway of Health. I am well on my way to becoming a Maori doctor, paired with the support of my friends and Whanau who unknowingly encourage me that education is the key to success. This inspired me to exceed my own capabilities and strive within a world of competitiveness, struggles and tribulations; pondering on a bright and prosperous future. I hope to become a role model for the tamariki of our future generations, and inspire Maori to seek the highest
Tēnā rāwā atu koe.

Jarrod Pihama

Kia ora, my name is Jarrod Pihama and I am 18 years of age. I am a current Maori and European year 13 student at Papakura High School and have attended here for the past 5 years. As a resident of South Auckland, I have witnessed first-hand, the hardships and often distressing experiences many families are faced with on a day to day basis.  Financial adversary and the coinciding health repercussions, specifically those imposed upon children have inspired me to aspire to be a registered New Zealand doctor. This realm of society has stimulated a drive to make a difference in the lives of these children as I myself have grown up in similar circumstances. In 2014, I wish to pursue further study at tertiary level; specifically to undertake a Bachelor of Health Science in my first year (applying to get into the MBChB Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery for year 2 onwards). I have chosen the University of Auckland’s faculty of Medical and Health Sciences’ as my ideal tertiary provider due to their ranking as one of the top 50 clinical, pre-clinical and health science academic institutes in the world and because of the quality and skill of their staff.

My own strengths lay predominantly in the academic field of the sciences and English, subsequently in the visual arts. Optimism is vital part of my life as I feel it, alongside a strong work ethic, are essential qualities needed for success. I complete any assigned task attentively which is reflected through my academic achievements thus far. These include my NCEA Level 1 Certificate, of which I attained with merit (narrowly missing out on an excellence endorsement by 1 credit) as well as my Level 2 certificate which I also endorsed with a merit distinction.

Throughout my years at Papakura High School I have also been fortunate enough to have been the recipient of a myriad of other certificates and awards. This is comprised of the RSA award for the top NCEA Level One achiever in 2011, and certificates for 1st overall in Level 2 Science (2012), 1st overall Level 2 Art Design (2012) and 3rd overall in Level 1 Science (2011) and many more. Despite just discovering my interests in the visual arts last year, I have furthermore discovered many successes in the art world in this short period. Most recently, I received the 2013 Te Tuhi Youth Art Award, a prestigious accolade that saw me work through an intensive 3 day workshop to produce an artwork which is now exhibiting at Te Tuhi Centre for the Arts’. Likewise, I have of late been involved in a community art project led by the Papakura Art Gallery in partnership with M.I.T, and have produced an A0 sized composition which now features in a vacant shop window in the Papakura Town Centre.

Since being appointed as one in early 2013, my role as a prefect and leader of the school has shown me to continuously strive for personal excellence in everything I do. As external examinations approach, I have begun the rigorous task of revising for external examination, to ensure I achieve my NCEA Level 3 certificate with an excellence endorsement. This year has similarly seen me work very diligently as I attempt to gain the 2013 Papakura High School Dux, which is a goal I have not kept out of sight since beginning my NCEA qualifications.

It is my utmost belief that opportunities must be acted upon and taken when they present themselves.  I have submitted this application in an attempt to show you a student passionate not only about making a major difference in his own life, but the lives of many others. If I am successful in attaining this scholarship, it will undoubtedly assist me in fulfilling my lifetime career aspirations of becoming a doctor and reaching the fullest of potential. I would like to acknowledge your reviewing of my application and therefore anticipate your decision.


Stacey Mulholland

My name is Stacey Mulholland, and I am a year thirteen student at Pukekohe High School. I have gained excellence endorsements for both level one and two NCEA, and am thrilled and grateful for my efforts to be rewarded by being chosen for the Inder Lynch Achievement Award. Next year I plan to follow my life-long goal of attending the University of Auckland and studying a Bachelor of Law/Bachelor of Commerce conjoint degree.

As well as achieving academic success, I participate in many extracurricular activities, such as Students Against Drunk Driving, peer support, and the 40 hour famine. I have represented my school at debating, Rotary Model United Nations, and I was the Assistant Director for the 2012 school musical, ‘Return to the Forbidden Planet’. I have also helped my peers and community through tutoring and volunteering as an umpire and coach for netball.

Zach Butters

My name is Zach Butters and I am extremely grateful to receive an Inder Lynch Achievement Award for 2013. I am 17 and am in year 13 at Pukekohe High School.

A passion that I hold close to my heart is that of giving back to the community which stems from the community being there for my family when my father was ill. This has given me a spate of opportunities including that of becoming a fully qualified lifeguard at Kariotahi Beach and being a part of the northern regions Rescue of the Year. Another endeavour was that of becoming a recruit fire-fighter at the Patumahoe fire station which involves responding to emergencies as they occur within my local area.

School has given me opportunities in a leadership capacity including the privilege of representing Pukekohe High School as head boy in 2013. As a part of this I was tasked with liaising with the cultural and arts councils’ to make sure they are on track with the current affairs within the school.
Additionally, sport is a huge part of my family’s lives and soccer is a big part of this. As a member of the first XI since 2010 I was given the opportunity to captain the team to an unbeaten season in 2013. I am also a part of Pukekohe AFC’s senior men’s 1st team and Achieved Player of the Year and Players Player of the Year.

In 2014 I plan to study a Bachelor of Environmental Management and Planning at Lincoln University. This course involves learning to identify, understand and manage worldwide environmental issues. This decision came through my love of the outdoors, which was especially highlighted while completing the Duke of Edinburgh’s award, combined with my realisation that without intervention, our environment will not last forever.  I plan to make a difference with my degree and use it as a springboard to target big problems from the top.


Kelsey Waite

Over my past 5 years at Rosehill College I have been an active participator in school life.

I have played in the First XI Football team all the way through and been a member of the First XI Cricket and Premier Basketball teams in previous years.
I have been a big contributor to my house group, Kahurangi since day one. I was a student advisor in 2011, 2012 and House Leader for 2013; this also leading to a place on the school’s Community Committee for 2013.

A programme I have been involved in since Year 11, and chose to coordinate and lead it this year, is ‘You Can Do It.’ This involves planned recreation activities for special needs children from Rosehill School. They come over one lunchtime a week and spend it playing games and doing activities with Rosehill College students.

I also coach a younger children’s Football team at Drury Football Club and have been doing this for the past 3 years. I get a great deal of satisfaction from doing this – giving back to the sport that I love.

I am all about getting involved, helping others and making a difference. These three things lead me to my decision for my future of studying a Bachelor of Laws and Arts at Auckland University. I plan to use these degrees to reach my dream of becoming an International Human Rights Lawyer. I aim to make a difference on individual people’s lives by defending their rights and freedoms all over the world; I am so excited to see the outcomes of my work.

Jivarn McClintock

Throughout my five years at Rosehill College I have learnt many things, made many friendships and participated in various groups. During my junior years I went with the Kapahaka group to Polyfest as well as helping to run events for The Rock such as fear factor and a talent quest. Running these events helped me to do some of the service I currently do for Harvest Christian Church such as Voltage (a youth group for intermediate aged kids).

Knowledge, friendships and important life skills are among many of the things I have received from attending Rosehill. I have developed my skills such as time management and the ability to stay focused which creates a massive contrast to when I began attending. A lot of this development comes from the influence of the teachers who have taken the time to get to know me.

From here I intend to go to AUT and do a bachelor of engineering with honours. I have not yet chosen the major as the first year is a general year of engineering from which I hope to develop a further passion in a specific field.