Achievement Awards 2012


Nakita Makiri

Nakita is a leader and a learner with a positive attitude and determination to succeed. At school, she is seen as a role model to both the younger learners, as a mentor for her Whanau group members and Year 9 learners, and to her own peers. She is a keen athlete member of numerous school sports teams including Social Netball and Open Girls Basketball codes. She has also contributed to the wider school life in the community area giving above self. Nakita is a leader on the Youth Health Council & Peer Sexuality Support Group. She is intending to study a Bachelor of Arts Psychology & Sociology at Auckland University.

Robert Muriwai

Robert is a young man of great stature who has shown the resilience and perseverance needed to succeed. He has an infectious personality and is well known throughout the school. Younger learners really connect with Robert and follow his lead and this is in part because he understands where they are coming from and he shows them that connecting with learning can lead to better outcomes. He is also a keen sportsman who plays volleyball and Rugby league.

Robert’s interests lie in the performing arts fields where he has been a regular theatrical performer in school shows. He is following his passion in drama next year studying Drama and Performing Arts at Manukau Institute of Technology.


Kiddiokalani Laupepa

Kiddiokalani has attended James Cook High School since Year 9 and is now completing her Year 13 studies towards Level 3 NCEA.

As well as being a high achiever in the classroom, Kiddiokalani participates fully in the wider school community, having been a member of the Girls’ Soccer team since year 9, as well as being a member of the Samoan Group performing in the ASB Polyfest each year.

Kiddiokalani has displayed excellent leadership skills and was selected as a School Prefect this year. She has also served the student body as a member of the Student Council.

Kiddiokalani intends to begin a degree in Journalism at the Auckland University of Technology next year.

Basher Ibrahim

Basher has attended James Cook High School for five years and is finishing Year 13 and Level 3 NCEA this year.

Basher is a very capable student, with a particular interest in the Sciences and Graphics. He intends to study for a Bachelor of Constructing majoring in Quantity Surveying and Construction Management at Massey University when he returns from a ‘gap’ year working with refuges in Afghanistan.

While at school Basher has participated in the annual Science Expo, worked as a School Librarian, been a member of the Amnesty International group and played in the Boys’ Hockey team. He has also served on the Ball Committee and the Senior Leavers’ Planning Committee.

His excellent leadership qualities led him to be selected as a School Prefect this year, and he was elevated to the position of Deputy Head Boy this term.


Gomathi Rajasekaran

My name is Gomathi Rajasekaran; I am 18 years old and am in my last year of High School. I am really thankful to receive the Inder Lynch Achievement Award as it would contribute greatly towards funding my Tertiary Studies.

Manurewa High School and my community have moulded me into who I am today. They have given me the confidence to step out of my comfort zone in my earlier years of High school and apply myself to many extra-curricular and academic activities. This participation has given me many leadership opportunities in my senior years, I have been part of the Student Council for the past 2 years and I am Deputy Head Girl this year.
During the past couple of years I have been selected for many awards, including the Sir Peter Blake Youth Enviro’ Leaders Forum 2012, the Youth Australian New Zealand Association for the Advancement of Science forum 2012 and Young Blake Kermadecs’ Expedition 2012

Next year I would like to complete my first year of bio-medical sciences at Auckland University and then enter medicine to ultimately become a paediatrician. My course at University will be long and hard therefore the money from Inder Lynch will reduce my financial burden and help me reach my full potential.

Nicholas Voke

My name is Nick Voke and I delighted to receive the Inder Lynch Achievement Award.

Being 18 years of age and in my last year of attendance at the Manurewa High School, I have set myself the rigorous goal of achieving my NCEA Level 3 certificate with an excellence endorsement. I am currently well on track of adding it to my NCEA Level 2 and 1 certificates which I earned with a merit and excellence endorsement respectively. In addition to academic achievement, I was appointed the deputy-head boy at the start of the year which combined nicely with my previous leadership roles of being in the Whanau Sports council and our ‘Rewa’ Events council.

My main passion in life is my golf. I love the game for what it has taught me and the opportunities it has provided. I have been extremely fortunate to travel to America and Australia earlier this year where I have accumulated 4-weeks of world junior golf exposure; my best placing came at the Odyssey World Junior Golf Championship where I finished 8th in Palm Springs, CA. I was honoured to represent New Zealand in my international debut last month in Sydney where I continued on my good form to finish 11th. I have won numerous golf events across the country over the past few years and my personal highlight was shooting 17 under to win the North Harbour 72 hole Stroke play Championship by a record 7 shots at the Muriwai links golf course.

My ultimate ambition is to gain a golf scholarship which will enable me to study a world-class degree in the United States of America while also competing in the NCAA national college golf system. The money received from this generous company will go a long way towards funding my university studies and I am thankful and appreciative of their support



Jacqeline Dawson

I want to become a drama teacher and open my own drama school so that I can give back to the community the skills and opportunities that were given to me.

I have been sent a conditional offer to study at Waikato University. I want to study to gain further understanding in Drama and other arts papers. I feel that the best way to do this is through studying a BA at Waikato University.

I am a student who strives to be the best that I can be in everything I do. I do not give up easily on anything, especially things that I find challenging. I am a hardworking student, and I am dependable. I love to try new things and experience different cultures. My family does not earn a lot of money, so I am aware of what it is like to have to do hard labour to get the results needed to move forward and strive in life. I don’t let failures get me down; instead I smile and learn from my mistakes. I am reliable and honest. I care for my friends, and family; even strangers! I have had a few part-time jobs in the past, so have acquired many qualities and attributes that others might not have, such as time management skills. I am friendly and smile no matter what!

My ambitions and goals is that none of my grandparents or my parents have ever been to University before. I want to be the first one in my family to go and gain a degree. I feel that this will inspire my family to see that we can do what we want to – that they can be who they want to be – just as I will have done. I want to become a recognised drama teacher, as well as a part-time actor because this is the only field of study that I thrive in and enjoy. I have been a part of theatre my whole life, and I love the thrill of performing as someone else on stage in front of an audience. Drama has helped me to find out who I am as an individual and what I want to do in life. I have found that what I want to do is to give back to the community the opportunities and skills that they have given me through drama. I have learnt self-confidence, interpersonal skills and a love of being who I am. I want to see the next generation of student’s active and doing something instead of sitting in front of the television brainwashing themselves. I want the next generation to love literature and great works such as Shakespeare, instead of them hating it because they were forced to study it in English class. I want them to love who they are and become confident in that. I want to see theatre in New Zealand as a whole push forward and become recognised worldwide as much as the All Blacks are. That is what drives my goals and ambitions; one day I will see these dreams in practice.

I have been involved in many activities outside of school, including Hunua Youth Theatre Club – 2000, 2005 – 2012, Setting bait/traps in the
Hunua Ranges, Trees for Survival’ tree planting, help as a teacher at
the Hunua Youth Theatre Club, Girl Guides/Rangers – 6 years.

Caleb Ndarowa

My name is Caleb Ndarowa and I am a current student at Papakura High School.
Striving for excellence is a common practise in my life and as part of the 2012 prefects team at Papakura High School. As Part of the Papakura High School Prefects Team I Have Been Involved in a wide range of Activities so far including:

  • Organising the Volunteers Service Abroad Fundraising Project where I was I part of the Five Membered team who ran the Project.
  • I was part of the Prefects group that represented Papakura High School in the annual ANZAC service in our community
  • As my Extra Curricular activity I am also involved in the 1st eleven school soccer team where I Captained the side all season.
  • Annual Parent teacher day conference where I was part of the crew that informed the parents about the evening and guided them to their desired destination.
I am a very polite and trustful person who can be relied on. I enjoy creating ideas and solving problems as well as working with people and make new friends in the process.
My future aspiration is to study medicine at the University of Otago in 2013. Growing up in Africa where many children die every day due to lack of proper health has inspirited me to be a doctor as I will have the opportunity to help them. I have chosen the University of Otago as it offers me the opportunity to study at a higher professional level due to its long history in the Field of teaching and with friends and Family already in the same path of perusing the same goal. Being awarded the Inderlynch Scholarship will put me closer to reaching my goal of being a doctor and also help in reducing the financial burden that my family and I will carry during the course of my future study.


Mariah Ngatikao-Turner

My name is Mariah Ngatikao-Turner and I have established my Secondary School education at Rosehill College since 2008 to the present year 2012. Since beginning my education at Rosehill College, I have gained friendships, knowledge and attributes that have allowed me to become the woman that I am today.

In 2008, which was my first year at Rosehill College, I had been chosen to be in the academic classes of my year level. I realized that this class was scarce of people my own kind, who were brown. This realization made my self-confidence decrease and I was embarrassed because I felt as though as I was not intelligent like the European students who were in the advanced class. Hence I did not gain the best results that I know now I could have achieved. I also purposely failed myself because I did not want to return to that class in 2009, as all I wanted was to be with my own brown people. Now that I look back to this, I realize that it was quite a delusion because no student wants to see another fail, which was a fact that I could not understand back in my younger years of College.

Over the years at College, I have had many teachers believe in my leadership ability. In 2010, I was a participant at the Race Relations Day speech competition, and I was also a member of the Student Council. In 2011, I was captain of the second 11 football team at Rosehill College. This year, I am a head student at Rosehill College and I have also made my influence on the Maori Leadership Group. I am also a member of the Counties Manukau “Health Could Be for You” project which focuses on recruiting more Maori/Pacific Island students in to the health fields. I also spoke at the Papakura ANZAC Day 2012. I have made a huge step up from my insecurities in my first year of College, and I have become the leader that a lot of people believed I could be. Next year I will attend the University of Auckland to gain my degree in psychology and Maori Studies.

Nathan Dally

Since starting at Rosehill College, I have come a long way in myself and in my leadership, going outside my comfort zone. Through my developed attitude, I have been able to realise that what I was doing in my junior years was not always the right thing and constant reminders by staff have helped me become efficient and better in my time management skills. I developed a more open and consistently positive attitude as well as respect for other peoples’ views and opinions.

Rosehill College has had a real impact on my life as it has taught me life skills and opened my eyes to life and my own future needs. I was quick to understand in Years 11 and 12 that my characteristics and study habits had to change if I was to do well and achieve good grades. I have realised what I am good at and what I should pursue. I am going to do a Bachelor of Physical Education at the University of Auckland. I have always achieved well in the field of physical education, and I can make this a career that I will enjoy, helping students become more interested in physical education and getting more kids active.


Palak Mehta

My name is Palak Mehta and I am year 13 student at Pukekohe High School. I am thankful to have received an Inder Lynch Achievement Award for 2012.

Through my years at Pukekohe High School I have been given many opportunities that have helped me become who I am today. In Year 10 I was part of the 1st XI Girls’ Hockey team and I have continued on with this until now. Winning tournament in 2011 was one of the biggest highlights of my school life so far. Also in Year 10 I was a member of the 40 Hour Famine Committee. In 2011 and 2012 I was given the opportunity to attend the World Vision Global Leadership Convention, this year raising well over $11,700. This gained Pukekohe High School a Platinum Award. I have had the privilege of being one of the two Sports Prefects for 2012 after being part of the Sports Council over the past 2 years. I am also part of the Debating team, the Ball Committee and the 1st XI Girls’ Cricket team. This year I was nominated as Chairperson for the Franklin Youth Advisory Board and am also a member of the Auckland Youth Advisory Panel.

Through these positions I have learnt a lot about who I want to be in the future; someone who can be a role model for others and someone who is self-determined and always striving to achieve my goals. Next year I will be attending Victoria University in Wellington to study a Bachelor of Science majoring in Psychology. I have always been interested in the behaviour of human beings and the way we interact with each other. My long term goal is to complete my Honours in Clinical Psychology and to be able to work around the world.

Stuart Moorhouse

My name is Stuart Moorhouse and I intend to be studying a Bachelor of Science majoring in Agriculture at Massey University. I have always been a conscientious student whose main priority was to achieve academically, however I have always taken the extra-curricular opportunities given to me. For example this year I was the School Environmental Prefect and a House Leader.

I have a passion and desire for a future in the New Zealand Agricultural Industry which has lead me to be a student on a local dairy farm. Sciences have always been my main interest at school and where I gain my most academic success which has aided in choosing my career path.
I have been involved in many areas that have allowed me to build personal characteristics surrounded around leadership both within school and in the community. At my church I was able to be a youth leader and undertake a two year course to build many different self attributes which have taught me a lot for the future. I have done the Duke of Edinburgh award and have helped organise events for our school’s 40 Hour Famine Committee.

I am thrilled to have received an Inder Lynch Achievement Award and I am very appreciative.