Achievement Awards 2011


Natasha Morrison

Natasha Morrison intends to study a Bachelor of Sport and Recreation at AUT. She has been a representative netball player for Manurewa and Papakura.

Natasha is an excellent Pasifika role model who leads by example is kind and considerate of others. She has an infectious personality and interacts appropriately with peers and adults. Natasha has been well committed to her leadership role in the school and has actively pursued her career focussing on being a solid academic achiever.


Sven Edwards

Sven Edwards is a very capable all round learner. His interests lie in the performing arts fields where he has been a regular theatrical performer in school shows and also is very adept as a member of the concert band playing the clarinet.

Sven is a passionate young man who always thinks of others. He has organised many charity events and has left his legacy at the college by establishing the Debating Club and through his active participation at the United Nations Model.  Academically Sven has pursued a strong Social Sciences course as his interests lie in the field of Law at Auckland University.



Ashleigh Colcord

Benjamin Farrelly throughout his five years at James Cook High School has demonstrated outstanding qualities of scholarship, sporting prowess and leadership, all of which led to his appointment as Head Boy Prefect this year, a role he has fulfilled impressively.

Academically, Ben has always excelled and this year was placed first in both Level 3 Chemistry and Level 3 Physical Education.  His particular strength in the Sciences led to his selection to attend the Otago University “Hands On Science” programme earlier this year. 

Ben is a natural sportsman, participating in Soccer, Hockey, Cricket, Kilikiti, and Lawn Bowls.  He captained the school’s 1st XI Soccer and Hockey teams.  Outside school, he is a member of the Manurewa AFC Reserve Soccer team and the Spartans Gridiron team.

Ben has undertaken many service activities while at school, contributing to the student body, and representing the school in community events such as ANZAC Day and Armistice Day celebrations.  For his work on behalf of his fellow students, he was this year awarded the James Cook High School Trophy, for service to the school and community.

Next year, Ben will attend the University of Auckland to study for a Bachelor of Science degree, focusing on Medical Chemistry.  He has a long term goal of discovering new drugs for use in medicine.


Sarah Guest

Sarah Guest has attended James Cook High School since Year 9 and completes Year 13 this year.  She has maintained an exceptional academic record throughout, culminating in her being named as Dux Litterarum, top academic achiever, this year.  As a result of her high academic achievement, she was selected to be a member of The University of Auckland MATES programme, a mentoring and support programme offered by graduates of that university to up-and-coming scholars.

Sarah has involved herself in several co-curricular activities, including participation in the 2011 Auckland Stage Challenge, the Science Expo, Amnesty International, Students Against Drunk Driving, the Breakfast Club, the Ball Committee and the Student Council.  Although not a natural sports person, Sarah has also supported her House by participating in the many House competitions and challenges run each year.  She also performed in the Niuean group in the 2010 ASB Polyfest.

Sarah’s excellent leadership skills and her full contribution to school life led to her being appointed as a School Prefect this year.

Next year, Sarah will be attending the University of Auckland to study for a Bachelor of Science degree and a future career in the sciences area.



Cassie Ganley

My name is Cassie Ganley and I am thrilled to be nominated by my school for the Inder Lynch Achievement Award.  I am 18 years old and in my last year at Manurewa High School.

School has given me many leadership opportunities.  This year I am the Head Girl. I have been on the Student Council since my first year at High School, and for two years I have been on the Arts and Sports Council. Last year I was placed 2nd in the Lions Youth Ambassador Awards. I was the person responsible for all aspects of Stage Challenge this year, where we placed 2nd.

I was also one of the leaders for the school Bring it On Hip Hop crew, where we placed 4th and the schools Stand Up Stand Out crew, where we placed 1st.

One of the best experiences I have had at school was last year when I travelled with the Humanitarian Aid Leadership class to Cambodia. We visited orphanages and built houses. This trip reinforced to me that I did want to explore other cultures, and use my skills to help others. For this reason, I have decided to take a gap year between school and university and experience more of the world, but not just as a tourist. I am currently applying for Camp Counsellors USA. In 2013 I will go to University, possibly to study Secondary School Teaching or Medical Imaging. Outside of school I attend Steps School of Dance. I hold New Zealand Association of Modern Dance certification in Jazz (solo dance diploma), Tap (level 7) and Hip Hop (level 6).

Another passion is swimming but shoulder surgery in 2009 put an end to my competitive swimming at National level. However this year I still managed to place second in the 50m freestyle at the Auckland Secondary Schools Swimming Championships.


Simon Elliott

My name is Simon Elliott and I am really grateful to receive an Inder Lynch Achievement Award 2011.

I am 17 years old and a year 13 student at Manurewa High School.  Throughout my time at high school I have had many leadership opportunities.  Some of these include being Head Boy, captain of the Sport Council and coaching/captaining our 1st XI hockey team to become league champions this year.  I received the most prestigious award being Sports Boy of the year 2010 and 2011.

In addition to my NCEA study and extra-curricular responsibilities, earlier this year I auditioned and won the opportunity to feature in Just The Job, a TV programme profiling various careers.  My career was as a resin flooring applicator.  I also applied and was fortunate to be chosen to attend the Army training base in Waiouru for a week to experience life as a training soldier.  A voyage on the Spirit of Adventure was yet another challenge I was lucky enough to experience.

Next year I am taking a gap year in order to gain more life experience and work to fund my university studies.  The money from Inder Lynch will be a huge help towards funding my university studies once I have decided on the course I will be enrolling in.



Grace Kingi

My name is Grace Kingi and I hail from Maniapoto (King Country) and Ngapuhi (Northland). I am 17yrs old and currently at the end of my 5th and last year at Papakura High School. My hobbies would have to involve around sports and its values in which I apply 100% of myself, the principles & ethics is what I apply in my everyday thinking.
My Sports involvements are; Hockey, Netball, Basket Ball, Girls Rugby, Soccer & Art (creativity). I am currently involved in a Leadership/mentoring initiative within the school and my role within my respective group is an advisor, advising my down-lines (Yrs 12 – 9s) of various topics within the group, classroom, school, homes and community. It is these last 3 years within Te Roopu Kakano that has allowed me to have a purpose in my life therefore understand my goals too.

As a result of this I have decided to pursue a career as a Social Worker and would like to study at Te Wananga o Aotearoa for the next three years in the Bachelor of Social Work Practice. My goal is to work with a community organisation within Auckland during my study for the following 5yrs then a placement in Management.


Moananui Hori

Kia ora. My name is Moananui Hori, I am a Head Prefect and a proud year 13 Maori student at Papakura High School.

As this year steadily draws to a close I have been persistent in gaining the remaining credits left towards my level three certificate. However with the invaluable help of my careers advisor Sandra Paulus, I have also worked to plan for the 2012 year in which I am considering tertiary study to further my learning and growth as an aspiring student. I have taken a keen interest in the field of law as a possible career pathway through its many domains. I am particularly interested in the domain of family law as I am passionate about helping families through the local, everyday social conflicts that are prevalent today. As a proud Maori student I am also passionate about Maori affairs, in particular the treaty, and I am keen to learn the ‘detailed’ clauses of the treaty itself as well as the process in which treaty claims are settled between the Crown and Maori. By studying into this domain I believe I will find the answers to my own queries about treaty claims and their outcomes, particularly with my iwi Tainui, but also gain a vital voice in tribal discussions as a representative lawyer of Tainui.

I am considering Waikato University as my university of choice to due to their reputable faulty of law and skilled tutors. My role as a leader within the school and community has taught me to work hard towards goals and achieve them with excellence but also to capitalize on opportunities when they present themselves. I believe that if I am granted this award it will provide me with an opportunity to strive towards my career aspirations and become the best I can be.


Elise Kerr

My name is Elise Kerr and I am currently a Year 13 student at Rosehill College. I have been attending Rosehill since Year 9 and have followed my two older brothers and older sister through the school.  Being the youngest of 4 can be hard as I am constantly trying to live up to what my older siblings have done.  It can also be a gift as I am able to follow their lead but choosing my own paths.  I am currently a House Leader at Rosehill and enjoy being part of the College’s Sports Committee and getting to know the younger students in my house.

I very much enjoy being outdoors and playing sports and have played netball for almost 10 years now. This year I played in 3 teams and also captained two of those teams. I also coached a Year 9 team for Rosehill and a junior team for Karaka.

A passion of mine has always been young children and so next year I am hoping to do a Bachelor of Education (Teaching - primary specialisation) at the University of Auckland. This is a 3-year course and will have me travelling in to Epsom everyday. I feel my time at Rosehill has equipped me well for this course as I have been given the chance to work alongside younger students and also to determine what I really want to do.


Craig Tuaine

I have attended Rosehill College since Year Nine and have really appreciated and taken the opportunities that the College has given to me as a student, mainly in my hockey and in my education.

Over my senior years at Rosehill, I have felt that the teachers were behind me in all my assessments, and continually pushing me to the best I could achieve. With all the support from school and from home, I have been set on finishing Year 13 with a goal of achieving university entrance.

I have been in the 1st XI hockey team since Year 10 and since Year 12 I have been the captain of team after receiving team player of the year in Year 11. The experience from the team has also helped me in my hockey career in playing in U15 and U18 rep teams.

My music has been my main focus in school and I one day hope to be a professional Audio Engineer or even progress further as a performer. I entered The Smoke Free Rock Quest in 2010 with my band and we proceeded into the regional finals. Since then we have been playing in various places around the North Island.  I am very grateful for this Scholarship as it will help me in my studies of Audio Engineering, for which gear can be expensive.