Achievement Awards 2007


Amanpreet Bhandal

Amanpreet is a member of the Rosehill College Indian Cultural Group and performed at a community dance competition. In 2006 she was a House Council Representative and a student Advisor.

This year she has been a House Leader and has found this a challenging and exciting role and this has added positively to the experience of her final year at secondary school. Being part of the Rosehill College Cultural Committee allows her to celebrate the different ethnicities and cultures present in the school by organising events such as Cultural week, lunchtime performances and Interhouse competitions.

Next year, Amanpreet intends to study Bachelor of Health Science in the first year in order to get into Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery at University of Auckland.

Baden Kerr

Baden has been a student at Rosehill College since 2003 and during this time he feels he has matured due to his participation in sports and the support he has received from teachers, particularly in the PE Department. In Year 9 he was the Soccer Captain and this year Captain of the 1st Eleven Soccer Team. Baden has also been part of the 1st Fifteen Rugby Team and a member of the Counties under 18 rugby squad in 2006 and 2007. He has also been involved in tennis, softball, touch and the Snowboard team.

At the Rosehill College Sports Awards Baden received a trophy for Team Member of the Year for Tennis, was the Captain of the Soccer team that won the Team of the Year Award, a badge for Rugby, silver medal for Softball and gold medal for Soccer. To top it off he was awarded the Sports Scholarship and the All Rounder of the Year Award.

Being a sports enthusiast it is understandable that Baden has applied to do a Bachelor of Sport & Recreation at AUT for next year. He is looking forward to contributing to the sporting world by studying in this field.


Sukhwinder Kaur

Sukhwinder is a Year 13 student who next year hopes to be accepted at the University of Auckland to study Commerce and Computing. She is a quiet and mature young woman who works steadily and diligently to achieve and maintain consistent grades.

In the current year Sukhwinder has been a member of the Arts Festival committee, helping to organise the week long series of events, is assisting a member of the graduation Committee and is also involved in the Environmental group and the recycling programme.

Outside of school she is involved with an Indian cultural dance group, and works part time to save towards her tertiary studies.

Daniel Foster

Daniel has been studying English, Maths, Computing, Chemistry and Physics at Papakura High School. He has obtained his ICDL computing qualification and has completed most computer related standards offered within the school.

He captained the school badminton team this year and also plays in the 1st XI cricket team. Outside of school Daniel is an under-16 badminton rep for Counties, assists with his Church youth group, and works part time to save towards his tertiary studies

Daniel is applying to start next year on a computing diploma course at Manukau Institute of Technology and plans to use this course as a stepping stone to a Bachelor of Information Systems in the future.


Jessica Penney

Jessica is a Year 12 student who achieved Level 1 NCEA in 2006 with 146 credits, 50 of these at Merit and Excellence level. She has already gained Level 2 NCEA from internal results, with extra credits to come from the final examinations. She was placed first in class in Science and Biology this year.

Jessica is captain of the First XI Hockey and Soccer team and also plays club soccer and hockey outside of school. She was selected to attend two leadership camps this year, one held by Rotary and one by Te Kaipakhi Ranga Wairua, a division of the Maori Women's Welfare League.

She will be returning to school next year to complete Level 3 NCEA, and then intends to pursue a university degree in Sport Psychology or Sports Management.

Ah See Tuala

Ah See is a Year 13 student and has been accepted into the Manukau Institute of Technology Bachelor of Sport and Recreation programme for 2008. He has also achieved Level 2 NCEA and was placed first in Health Studies this year.

Ah See is also a talented sports person, representing his school in cricket, rugby league, rugby, volleyball and touch rugby and is the school's senior athletic champion.

Outside of school Ah See is a Counties rep for Rugby and a Youth Coach at the Clendon Recreation Centre which involves coaching young people in the "Out of School Activities" programme which takes place after school and during the school holidays.

Ah See was appointed Deputy Head Boy of James Cook High School this year.


Lorelle McNaughton

Lorelle is very proud of her Maori and Chinese heritage, is a generous person and tends to put others first.

She is Head Prefect for the current year and has accepted the responsibility and challenges the position brings, coping exceptionally well to ensure that the events for which she has been responsible for are always a success.

Lorelle is a hard working and conscientious student, is an extremely gifted student, excelling in the performing arts, especially music and drama. She is a member of the School Choir and Concert Band and lead in the school production and participant in International Week. In 2006 she was presented with Arts Person of the Year, Musician of the Year and a Service to Arts Award. Lorelle has also represented the school at the local ANZAC Day ceremony and addressed the Rt Honourable Helen Clark in Maori at the opening of the new administration building of the school.

Fraser Allan

Fraser has been a student at Manurewa High School for five years. He is a strong leader and is Deputy Head Boy of the Prefect Team for this current year. He has involved himself in all the decision making and is always willing to give up his time to ensure an event is a success. Fraser gets on well with his peers and has been a positive role model in the school.

In 2006 Fraser received a Sports Badge for outstanding contribution to sport, First in Year 12 Economics and Physics with merit certificates in English and Geography. In 2007 Fraser was selected as an ASB Scholar for his academic successes in Year 12.

Fraser has successfully combined his academic endeavours with community work through his Church and various sporting accolades in representative teams for cricket, soccer and indoor soccer.

His aim is to study for a Bachelor of Commerce with the possibility of a conjoint degree in Engineering or Science. The ultimate goal is to complete postgraduate studies in Commerce.


Pearly-Ann Grey

Pearly-Ann is a Year 11 student and has attended Alfriston College since Year 9 and is an outstanding young woman. She was the first student to achieve NCEA Level 1 this year. This has given her the confidence to set herself goals that will see her succeed and enable her to realise her dreams in the future.

She is considerate and very caring and has exhibited many of the 10 Independent Learning qualities that are part of the school philosophy. She has been a mediator for issues in the school and has developed a positive relationship with all of her learning leaders or teachers.

Sonny Grey

Sonny is a Year 11 student and has attended Alfriston College since Year 9, he has worked quietly and steadily throughout. He is a young Maori man who has stood proud and utilised his knowledge and passion of Te Reo Maori and Maori Performing Arts to enable him to experience success in the other learning areas.

He achieved NCEA Level 1 early in the year and has set himself up well to move into Level 2. He truly deserves the opportunity to continue with his education and pathway himself towards tertiary study.