September 2009

Building Inspection Reports. How important are they?

For new properties

If a client is purchasing a brand new property and a Code Compliance Certificate has issued from Council signing off the property as complying with current Building Codes, then one would assume, rightly or wrongly, that a building report is not necessary. However even the most modern and presentable of dwellings can hide a multiple of sins and a building report will disclose problems, if any.

For older properties

When considering a property that was constructed up to 20 years ago, a building report should show a clean bill of health BUT we are all aware of the leaky building era and so a report will alert to any potential problems. When clients order building reports for an older dwelling they are sometimes disappointed with the amount of defects identified in the report. However it is a case of the age of the dwelling, and one has to take into account realistic consequential fair wear and tear. Nevertheless the report will identify potential future problems and assist in determining an appropriate purchase price.


We believe that a building report from a reputable building consultant or Master Builder is essential, regardless of the age of the dwelling. Costs of a building report may seem prohibitive initially but it should be viewed that a report could potentially save you thousands of dollars in remedial works later. We believe that it is money well spent and will certainly give prospective purchasers protection and peace of mind if there is found to be no problems with the dwelling.