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September 2006

Electronic Registration

Land Title registration has been a centralised paper based process to record the ownership of and securities (for example, mortgages) over all land in New Zealand. Land Information New Zealand now has created an electronic land titles register that enables a registered user to search certificates of title, lodge title dealings and survey data.

The Government has recently announced that the electronic lodgement of all land title transactions and survey plans will be compulsorily phased in by 1 July 2008. This means that all dealings in land will be registered electronically and there will no longer be any paper based dealings. One of the principal benefits of electronic registration is that all information is processed in real time. This means that information held on the register is always up to date and the processing of dealings is faster and easier.

The main changes for clients are that for each transaction we will need photographic identification of you and an “Authorisation and Identification Form” will need to be completed. Neither requirement is onerous but is necessary.