December 2010

Changes to the Residential Tenancies Act

Changes to the Residential Tenancies Act, that became effective on the
1st October 2010, include:

  • Agent for landlord overseas – if a landlord is going overseas for more than 21 consecutive days, a New Zealand agent must be appointed;

  • Notice to remedy – changes from “10 working days” to a 14 consecutive day notice period;

  • Terminating a tenancy by notice – new rules apply including landlords being required to give reasons when giving less than 90 days notice;

  • Unlawful acts – a number have been added including interference with supply of services (such as electricity);

  • Abandoned goods – new rules apply;

  • Fixed term tenancies – will revert to periodic tenancies on the tenancy expiry date, unless the tenant or the landlord gives notice;

  • Addresses for service – parties are able to use an e-mail address, PO Box or fax number as an alternate address for service;

  • Body corporate rules – will be required to be attached to tenancy
    agreements when the property is part of a Unit Title development.