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Pukeoware's Perception of us

Recently, pupils of the Pukeoware School (nestled on the slopes east of Waiuku) were asked to prepare advertising “blurb” for chosen local businesses. We were fortunate to be one of those local businesses. Craig Inder tells us that just because he is on the Board of Trustees of the School did not in any way influence the children’s choice. Their hard work was subsequently published in the Junior Franklin County News. We congratulate the children for their fine effort and are proud to republish their work below.

Inder Lynch are lawyers, they help those in need
If you have a problem, they will be there with speed
Take all your troubles to them, it’s a real synch
They’ll solve all your problems, will Inder Lynch

Look no further for the lawyer you require
The friendly staff at Inder Lynch will meet your desire
They’ll win any case that they have to face
It will only cost a pinch at Inder Lynch

You’ll see them sitting pretty at Papakura
Give them a ring, or hop in your car
Just remember if you make a date
Get there on time, don’t be late!

By Rosalie Carter and Kali Panther