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We're Moving up the Road

Recently, pupils of the Pukeoware School (nestled on the slopes east of Waiuku) were asked to prepare advertising “blurb” for chosen local businesses. We were fortunate to be one of those local businesses. Craig Inder tells us that just because he is on the Board of Trustees of the School did not in any way influence the children’s choice. Their hard work was subsequently published in the Junior Franklin County News. We congratulate the children for their fine effort and are proud to republish their work below.

Why the move?

There were 3 main factors which have influenced our move. Firstly, we have outgrown our existing premises. The need for larger and more functionally modern premises became a pressing concern after 16 years at our present location. Unfortunately, there were no such suitable offices within the immediate Manurewa Business District. Secondly, we wished to ensure better client parking than has been available currently. Thirdly, as the years have progressed our client base has grown as well as spread. The Manukau City location will still allow us to continue to fully service our Manurewa based clients, whilst our new location will be more readily accessible to our clients living to the north of the Manukau City Centre.

The Look

In 2002 we took the bold step of moving into new offices at Papakura, after 50 years at our old site. The Papakura offices were architecturally designed to provide a better working environment for our staff, to offer more appropriate facilities for our clients and to reflect our professional image in the 21st Century. The numerous positive comments that we have received since the Papakura offices opened confirm that we achieved our objectives there. The new Manukau City offices have been designed by the same architects to achieve a comparable result. Although the shape of the Papakura and Manukau City buildings are different, when you visit us we are sure that the similarities between the two premises will be clear to see. In addition our Manukau City office has lift facilities to provide better access for both our disabled and more elderly clients.

The History

At the time of our 50th anniversary in 1996, a history of the firm was written. One of the details that we were never able to pin down was when the Manurewa office was originally opened. The firm was founded in 1946 at Papakura. In 1955 Brian Lynch joined Norman Inder in partnership. The Inder family had lived in Manurewa since the early 1950’s. It seems that some time about 1960 a decision was made by Norm and Brian to open a branch office in Manurewa. At that time Manurewa was a small borough. Manukau City did not even exist. The first office was in Station Road. In the late 1960’s the office moved to a part of Bryant’s Building at 168 Great South Road. We remained in those premises until 1988 when a developer demolished the whole building and a new building was built on the site. We took a lease of part of that new building and called it Inder Lynch House. In 1997, we extended our part of the premises and added 4 additional offices. Another 7 years later and we have now outgrown the premises.

The Future

We remain very committed to the Manurewa area. However, what is noticeable to us is that with the Manukau City Centre being so close to Manurewa, most Manurewa residents visit Manukau on a very regular basis. Hence, we believe we will remain accessible to all of our clients.
Visit us. We encourage you to drop in at any time from the 23rd August 2004 to see us at our new location. We believe that you will be impressed.