The Immigration Law Challenge

Navigating the Process - Part II - Appeals

The intricacies of navigating through the constant changes in Immigration Law are a challenge for us. They can be a nightmare for those who seek Immigration Visas or wish to appeal decisions made. In Part One of this article (Winter 2012) we covered the range of Visa applications we can assist you with. They include Limited Visa Applications, Visitor Visa Applications, Student Visa Applications, Work Visa Applications, and Residence Visa Applications.

In this Part we consider the range of Appeal options available.

We can act on your appeals on applications that have been declined or if you are liable for deportation or for a special direction application, even if you are unlawfully in New Zealand. We can assist with the following:

  • Appeals for reconsideration of Temporary entry class visas
  • For Residence class visas
  • To the Immigration and Protection Tribunal:-
    - On the facts against liability for deportation
    - On humanitarian grounds against liability for deportation
  • Appeals from Immigration and Protection Tribunal
  • Judicial Review
  • Applications for Special Directions to the Associate or Minister of Immigration or Immigration New Zealand
For these appeal processes, often there is considerable legal work to be undertaken in terms of gathering of supporting evidence, drafting of statements and the engagement of expert witnesses (where appropriate). As a result of the appeal time frames, frequently, there is a large amount of work to be done over a limited period. Hence, early instructions from clients are always helpful and will assist in keeping the legal costs at a lower level.