March 2008

Asset Planning

You work hard. You accumulate some assets. You risk losing those assets. You have to work hard again. That is the circle of life many face unless they are aware of ASSET PLANNING.

In April, we are holding a series of free client presentations on this important topic of ASSET PLANNING. Our presenters, Craig Inder and Sarah Bush, will highlight instances where such planning can be essential:

  • Future relationships (avoiding the pitfalls of the Property (Relationships) Act)
  • Your children’s/grandchildren’s future (having your assets available for future generations)
  • Estate disputes (avoiding Estate claims after your death)
  • Protection from creditors (structuring your business situation to minimise risk)
Craig and Sarah will comment on the range of options available to effectively provide the appropriate level of asset protection. In particular they will emphasise that there is no “one approach” to satisfy everyone’s requirements but will highlight that we can tailor-make a solution that is best for each particular client.

In our experience, too many clients leave it too late to plan successfully for their and their family’s future. The message is “don’t procrastinate”. The first step is to attend one of our presentations to learn about the options available for you. Full details of the presentations are on page 4 of this edition.